Renee Olstead is an very gifted teen singer/actress that began in present organization at an extremely young age. She starred through immediate success in the television series “Still Standing,” acted in a couple of movies, and released an obscure, country-oriented album. David Foster, fresh from the very effective exploration of Michael Bublé, took Olstead under his wing and signed her to his 143 Records label. Foster experienced in Olstead the perfect female equivalent to Bublé, both incredibly talented and attractive. They entered the studio in the fall of 2003 when the singer was simply 14 to work on her album. The self-titled album witnessed the light of day in June 2004 and conveniently attracted listeners around the people through the perfect mix of pop and also jazz requirements caressed by the young singer’s beautiful voice. Foster produced the album with peermuch less elegance, calling in the best arrangers prefer Jeremy Lubbock, John Clayton, Sammy Nestico and also Billy Childs, to give brand-new sparkle to timeless material choose “Someone To Watch Over Me,” “What A Difference A Day Makes,” and “Sunday Kind Of Love.” The Canadian super producer added his golden touch to the Grammy nominated arrangement on “Summertime.” Foster also crafted a lovely cover of Neil Sedaka’s “Breaking Up Is Hard To Do,” a duet with young sensation Peter Cincotti. The ballad, “A Love That Will Last,” is a wonderful Foster original co-composed via Linda Thompboy. This song echoes Nora Jones’ style, but reaches better levels in its framework consisting of clever before crucial alters plus hi-tech musical and vocal performances. Foster also provides a breakable piano solo in the middle of the tune. For those that love Foster’s pop work-related from the start of his career, examine out the fender rhodes thrust cover of Maria Maldaur’s “Midnight At The Oasis.” Throughout the album Renee Olstead is stunning for phrasing and also style.

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The self-titled album got to #1 on Billboard’s jazz chart and also paved the way for her performances at the the majority of necessary jazz festivals approximately the people. These days, Olstead and Foster are completing the follow-up document, “Skylark,” which have to be out in just a couple of months.



Lead Vocals: Renee OlsteadPiano: David FosterDrums: Vinnie ColaiutaBass: Brian BrombergSound Deauthorize & Programming: Jochem Van der SaagFurther Programming: Neil DevorArranged by David FosterStrings Arranged by David Foster & Chris BoardmanProduced by David Foster & Humberto Gatica


I desire a little something moreDon’t want the middle or the one beforeI don’t desire a complicated pastI want a love that will last

Say that you loveSay im the oneDon’t kiss and hug me and then attempt to runI don’t do dramaMy tears don’t fall fastI desire a love that will last

I don’t want a simply a memoryGives me foreverDon’t also think around saying good-byeCuz I want just one love to be enoughAnd remain in my heart till i die

So contact me romanticOh i guess that must be soThere’s somepoint more that you oughta knowI’ll never leave youSo don’t even askI desire a love that will last

ForeverI desire a love that will lastI want a love that will certainly last

I don’t want a just a memoryGives me foreverDon’t even think around saying good-byeCuz I want simply one love to be enoughAnd remain in my heart till i die

So there’s little even more that i needI wanna share all the air you breatheI’m not the kinda girl to complicate the pastI want a love that will last

ForeverI want a love the love that lastAlwaysI just want a love that will certainly lastWant a love that will last