It’s an expression heard frequently these days..."doing life together". In presentations, among the chatter inside community coffee shops, and posted amid a myriad of blog posts. In the pre-Zuckerberg era, we can have just said that someone was our friend, yet maybe currently we’re developing new expressions to distinguish digital acquaintances from our crews: the ones that have our backs, the ones who stick closer than brothers (and also sisters), the ones you message 49 times in an afternoon.

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Meet the Texting Yoga Pants, or probably you’re one of the 800,000 plus that have actually already done so digital. Their video parody of a pop song, “I Wanna Go to” – via its spot-on summary of friendship, parenting, and also doing life together – has exploded digital given that the posse’s front lady, Lauren Tenney, posted it August 10th. In it, these 5 mothers doo-wop their means with a typical lunch outing at no makeup, hair in messy buns, children running off to the restroom, and also yes, plenty of yoga pants.

Collectively, the ladies are: Lauren Tenney, Deidra Romero, Jenilee Vander Elst, Jess Smith, and Chelsea Cunningham. Their resides initially overlapped in 2013 in their area of Franklin, Tennessee, a charming, historic neighborhood twenty miles southern of Nashville.

Wanting to expand also their friendships past the hundreds of weekly message messeras and social media exalters, the group started corralling their children for lunch several times a week at regional franchise owner Jeanne Hammontree’s in South Franklin. It’s from those outings that the song was born.

<1>" />The Texting Yoga Pants pictured left to right: Lauren Tenney, Deidra Romero, Jenilee Vander Elst, Jess Smith, and Chelsea Cunningham

Tenney, with a background in the entertainment sector, pulled the lyrics together easily. With borrowed studio room from Tate Cunningham, drummer of Nashville-based band also SafetySuit (additionally Chelsea’s husband), the team had actually a location to record. Spoofing the title of a well-known novel, among the husbands branded the team the Texting Yoga Pants, and also it stuck.

When They go to

Joining the woguys and their kids for lunch is akin to being an anthropologist that has actually been invited into the tribe. “Did he spit up?” one mother asks, as an additional deftly passes napkins dvery own the table.

They leap to gather escaping toddlers favor defenders anticipating snap counts, and also return to end up sentences without lacking a beat. The ladies have occurred their own technique of interacting via the staff: a mix of facial expressions, hand gestures, and also lip reading throughout a restaurant in the midst of its lunch rush. The meal has militaristic order in spite of all the relocating components.

Cunningham’s son Smith and Romero’s child Ezra impersonate the cow, swapping genial moos over their juice boxes, as soon as a young mother from an nearby table recognizes the Texting Yoga Pants from the video and comes over to say hello. “I texted the video to my team of friends as quickly as I witnessed it,” Joanie Patrick states. She admits her visits to this South Franklin location through her 3 daughters closely resemble the scenes in the video. A common bond and camaraderie exists in between these females, and also for just a few minutes, the people grows.

“And the original people, despite varied backgrounds in graphic architecture, real estate, entertainment and also education, is united by one thing: their love for their family members.”

And the original tribe, despite varied backgrounds in graphic design, genuine estate, entertainment and also education and learning, is unified by one thing: their love for their households. Motherhood is their apparent connection, together with their common confidence and also combined 43 years of marriage. As the Texting Yoga Pants proceed to flourish in popularity – and also they continue fielding supplies from media companies to expand their virtual footprint – don’t mean also much to readjust simply yet. Right now, motherhood calls.

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In the meantime, if you’re ever before passing with Franklin on the beforehand side of lunch, stop in and look for the lengthy table of young mothers through their hair in messy buns. They’ll probably be sporting yoga pants, yet don’t worry; they’ll let you sign up with them also if you’re not.

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