I saw a lovely Infants school freshly and also had actually the pleasure of sitting in among their morning assemblies.

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The whole school sung their hearts out and enthusiastically played air guitar to their school song (‘Power In Me’), and I couldn’t assist however feel truly uplifted, encouraged and also prepared to confront anything!

For those of you who haven’t heard it prior to, it’s composed by the talented Rebecca Lawrence, a music teacher from Jersey. The lyrics are so effective at making kids think in themselves and not giving up as soon as things get challenging.

A few years back, I taught a tiny boy in Year 1 that discovered analysis so challenging that he supplied to put his head in his hands and also cry. The book was at the right level, however he simply didn’t have actually the confidence to ‘have a go’ at analysis words he didn’t understand. It was heart breaking to watch, and also through many praise and encouragement, he progressively began to realise that even if he gained it wrong, all that mattered is that he had actually tried his finest.

So, teachers, if you desire a class full of youngsters who feel empowered to be reading champions, this song will certainly execute the trick!

Power In Me

When the race is almost done, And I feel I can’t go on, I recognize I deserve to do somepoint about it. My heart will certainly start to race, My body find the movement, And I will feel empowered from within.

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Chorus I’ve obtained the power in me, You’ve obtained the power in you. I’ve gained the power, p p power, acquired the power in me. Nobody’s gonna hold me earlier, Nobody’s gonna silence my words, Nobody’s gonna close my mind, I’ve gained the power in me!

Verse 2 When someone’s needing help, And the civilization just walks on by, I understand I have the right to perform something around it. I’ll stand also up for their rights, My voice will find the words, And I will feel empowered from within.


Verse 3 When my mind is closing down, And I’m lacking motivation, I recognize I can perform somepoint around it. No one have the right to stop me learning, Create my dreams and future, And I will feel empowered from within


Bridge section We acquired the power You got the power I acquired the power the power in me! We acquired the power Got the power! You obtained the power Got the power! I got the power, the power in me Got the power in me!


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