In the Bible, God afflicts ancient Egyptians via ten plagues for their sins. One of them was the plague of locusts

But it’s simply a story. Well, what if I say it’s more than that. If we look very closely, some eerie examples start to arise that reflect a crisis of Biblical proportion! Let me describe. Tbelow are the locusts, of course. Interestingly, their route into India has been by means of Africa. They have travelled with the winds from East Africa over the Red Sea (whose waters Moses parted) to the Arabian Peninsula; and also from tright here over Iran right into Afghanistan, Pakistan and also India.

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Like the river Nile’s waters turning red, the waters of two of the Ecuadorian Amazon’s a lot of important rivers has actually turned babsence after 2 pipelines moving crude oil burst. This has resulted in grave hardship to the indigenous people, who are currently on a fire-fighting mode as a result of the novel coronavirus illness (COVID-19).

Ah…yes, how can we forobtain COVID-19. As with the pandemic, one of the plagues that afflicted the ancient Egyptians mentioned civilization developing boils everywhere their bodies. And then, there was the torment of mass die-offs. The COVID-19 illness has actually likewise spreview misery and death throughout the world. Even the animals including tigers, dogs and also cats are endangered by it.

Tbelow was additionally the afflict of hailstorm and fire. The human being in 2020 has already viewed the fires of Australia and the Amazon in 2019. This year, it has actually viewed the cyclone Amphan, which has devadeclared big parts of India and also Bangladesh.

As for the three days of darkness, comparable scenes were watched recently in the Sahara Desert in Africa. Niamey, the capital of Niger, turned red recently. Why? Due to the fact that it is the Harmattan seachild once dry winds blowing throughout the Sahara pick up sand also and leave behind deposits (of sand) across areas falling on their route. It may be seasonal, yet the photographs that emerged from Niamey were nopoint short of apocalyptic.

So what perform we carry out now? The religious and also the superstitious have actually currently mutual their version saying these tragedies represent the wrath of God over sins committed by humans over the years.

For the rationalists, it is not God however something similar that is taking revenge: Nature. Now this is an explanation that would certainly be agreeable to theists and also atheists alike. And there might be some merit to it. How?

Our irrational usage behavior have actually resulted in manufacturing facility farming, a technique of raising pets that concentprices big numbers of animals right into confined spaces. The illegal wildlife trade is likewise a consequence of our greed of the forbidden and exotic.

Add to this our never-finishing love of fossil fuels, responsible for worldwide warming, desertification, and pollution–all of which subsequently bring about cyclones choose Amphan, sandstorms choose the ones in Niamey and yes, the assaults of locusts that are being attributed to climate change.

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So will certainly we additionally be in the same watercraft as the prehistoric Egyptians from Moses’ tale? Fortunately, we still have actually time to make amends. If we desist from the recognized ills, might be, God, Nature or whoever before is bearing down on us might give us a 2nd possibility. But the clock is ticking and also we have to hurry.