Micah Jones is #StillServing by protecting and supporting his local community via the help of his dog Summer, likewise a heroic veteran.

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Micah Jones is #StillServing by protecting and also supporting his neighborhood area through the aid of his dog Summer, likewise a heroic veteran.

A K9 handler in the Air Force for more than 2 decades, Jones served everywhere the human being, consisting of in Panama, Iraq, and Afghanistan, cherishing the suffer.

“Being a K9 handler and also trainer is my passion in life,” he sassist. “I truly enjoyed my 21 years in the Air Force!”

After the armed forces, Jones became a police officer specializing in explosive detection. In 2014, as soon as his K9 partner reworn down, Jones was paired via Summer, a previous military functioning dog, that served in the Naval Corps.

“When I picked up Summer from the airport, she was complete of power,” Jones rereferred to as. “As quickly as I opened up her cprice, she came barreling out. She was complete of joy.”

After bringing her house, Jones reviewed Summer’s documents and also discovered her deployment to Afghanistan.

“She saved numerous lives and preserved up troop morale,” explained Jones. “She uncovered weapon caches, improvised explosive tools, and also was affiliated in firefights…she is a true hero.”

Upon finding out Summer’s success, and also identified she be honored for her company, Jones contacted the United States War Dogs Association.

“Having served and also got awards and also decorations, I made it a allude for Summer to get the acknowledgment she, as a war dog and veteran, rightcompletely deoffered,” he shelp.

As an outcome of Jones’ initiatives, Summer has got numerous medals, awards and also commendations from multiple agencies for her organization. Recently, she was called the 2021 Amerihave the right to Humane Military Dog of the Year.

In spite of her courage, Summer suffers from the impacts of her time in service. While working together as an explosive detection team, Jones noticed Summer would certainly react strongly, regularly trembling and shaking, to loud noises. When she confirmed similar agitation off duty, Jones chose to take her to the vet, where she was diagnosed with Message Traumatic Stress (PTS), favor Jones.

“Just like me, the experiences and also instances Summer was affiliated in while deployed abroad never left her memory,” he described. “I believe it contributes to the high anxiety she display screens to this day.”

Nonetheless, Summer and also Jones permajor together.

“She helps me through my war-related injuries and I, through hers,” Jones shelp. “They say there’s nopoint choose the loyalty of a dog, man’s best frifinish. Summer is the epitome of that saying.”

After salso years as a police explosive detection dog, this day, Summer is retired, however she continues to serve in various other means alongside Jones. The pair make constant visits to the Charlotte Hall Veterans Home, wright here inhabitants take impetus from Summer’s story and uncover comfort in her warmth and also affection as she walks the halls and also visits their rooms.

Jones’ admiration for his companion is clear.

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“All the recognition Summer has actually received does not amount to the love and respect I have actually for her,” he sassist. “She is a hero, a battle veteran and my best frifinish. The bond I have actually through Summer is the best thing!”

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