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Austin works as an author of greeting cards. He has actually a girl, with whom they have been together for a lengthy time. One day, coming earlier home, Austin finds her through the various other man. Being upset, he meets via his brother in the bar. This eternal student Jeff advises Austin to foracquire about the girl, as it is the a lot of reliable means to draw her attention aacquire. At the very same time, two girlfriends talk around their private life. A young photographer Marcy comlevels to her friend Diana that she can not uncover an excellent partner. Diana answers her that to find a perfect boyfriend, it is necessary to find a person, who is wrong in whatever.Austin"s brvarious other arranges a meeting, to which he invites those 2 girls and also an ex-girlfriend of Austin – Catherine. Austin tries to win Marcy"s attention. He desires to display his feelings, but everyone understands that the male does it just to tease Catherine. His brvarious other tries to acquire an setup of Jeff rather successfully at this time. Austin breaks his back, and also he is hospitalized. He is attractive for Marcy. She considers that he can be suitable for a duty of a perfect man for her. The girl begins to look for him aacquire. She finds the male in a cafe, where he writes verses to his ex-girlfriend. Marcy tries to dissuade him to carry out it. In her opinion, tbelow is no place for true feelings in these samples. Austen tries to soptimal via Catherine by the phone, and also her answer is the very same as Marcy has actually supposed. She desires to aid the male. The girl explains to him that tbelow is a huge difference between sincere confession and the message from the greeting cards. Besides, she argues him not to compose verses to the girl around half a year. However, Austin sends them earlier than it is vital. Catherine writes a solution, which Marcy intercepts. The man drinks also much and speaks to the girl around his feelings to her. They are going to kiss, but at this moment, Marcy tells about Catherine. They start to argue around that does the best thing. It involves an end with their resting together.Jeff maneras to reach Diana. Austen states to the brvarious other that he, perhaps, drops in love via Marcy. Then he comes to the girl and tells her about his feelings. But she can not reciprocate. The guy comes residence and finds Catherine there. Being alone, Marcy suggests that she feels much better without the relations. Diana asks Jeff to become her boyfriend, but she is afraid that it will bring many type of problems. Ultimately, Marcy realizes that she has feelings to Austin, despite his shortcomings. She concerns him to tell it. But the guy is still offended by Marcy"s refusal. Furthermore, he dates Catherine aacquire. All four heroes are incredibly upset. Finally, Jeff and Diana are reconciled and convince Austin that Marcy suits him perfectly. He decides to say goodbye to his old life. The guy tells the girl that they are absolutely different, however he loves her bereason of it. Last Update:April, 0sixth 2016

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