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Round 1 Interviews: We're Looking Forward To Talking To You

This week is complete of great power at Michigan Ross. Our MBA1s are engaged in Professional Advancement week - out on treks to locations like Silicon Valley and also New York meeting alumni and senior leaders from top employers, or at Ross taking advantage of our sources to hone their experienced abilities.

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The admissions team is busy too. All Round 1 interviewinvitations were sent Monday, Oct. 20. I"ve watched some speculation, so I want to create a little even more about what happens following.
Great! Our interviewers are looking forward to talking via you. You can consider looking via more in this blog, or exploring videos favor thikid interviewing at Ross, or this on the team exercise.
If you did not receive an invitation, your application will certainly be reviewed in full without anintercheck out and also you will either be waitdetailed (through the possibility of being invited to interwatch in Round2) or, unfortunately, denied. We execute not know, at this allude, that will be denied. We conduct multiple reviews ofapplications to be sure we’ve completely evaluated your candidacies. Similarly, an interwatch invitation does notintend that you are guaranteed admission. Those applications will certainly be reregarded multiple times as well.

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Typical QuestionsWe often obtain asked, “What percentage of applicants is invited to interview?” Those percentages changefrom year to year based upon the denominator (i.e., applications received) and the numerator, which isdependent on target class size.We’re additionally frequently asked, “What percentage of interviewees is admitted?” Aget, that relies on thevariety of interwatch invitations we make – which varies from year to year depending upon the approachwe want to take (e.g., actors a broad net, which might intend even more interviewees are inserted on thewaitlist), and also the variety of admission uses we make, which counts on projected yield (i.e., ourestimate of just how many type of admits will certainly decide to enroll).Tbelow are many variables, and also previous practices indevelop, however don’t dictate current tactics. So no sensein trying to predict your possibilities of admission based upon whether or not you got an interviewinvitation or on our historic invitations and also admission offers. I understand the wait is tough. But recognize thatwe will certainly be doing a thoturbulent review of all applications.