Mr. offered me a hairreduced last week and also, as I mutual on Twitter: 1) we’re still married and 2) it looks really good! I’ll admit, we were both a bit nervous and there were a couple of tense words, however it functioned out simply dandy. In various other news, I’ll be nominating him for husband also of the year (is that a actual award? it should be) shortly.

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The beginning allude for my hair: wet, tangled, & naturally wavy

There are a number of guides out tbelow on exactly how to cut your hair yourself and also expensive props to anyone who accomplishes that feat (Simple Cheap Mom has actually this fantastic overview for DIY haircuts). I thought about cutting mine solo, but because Mr. FW was game to help me (partially because I’ve been cutting his hair for years), we determined to try it out.

Hence, these measures are created through 2 parties in mind, yet, I think you could just as quickly pull the hair forward and also cut it yourself. The capture it that it wouldn’t be as accurate given that having a friend execute it indicates they’ll be pulling your hair right back from your head, which yields the straightest reduced.

Before we proceed, let me clarify: This is not the recipe for a perfect haircut. If you require a perfect hairreduced, you’ll have to go to a salon and also shell out $100+. But if, prefer me, you’d rather conserve that $100 for, oh I don’t know, retiring at an early stage and pursuing your passions, then I encourage you to offer this a whirl. Hair will flourish back; your money won’t.


Mr. FW has a lot much less hair for me to cut

That being shelp, I have actually a professional project at which I have to look presentable and also, let me tell you, this hairreduced is absolutely good sufficient. Would a stylist do a better job? Heck yes, yet, since we favor to inresource everything we probably deserve to (and also for this reason conserve 71% of our incomes eincredibly year), this haircut is positively right for our frugal weirexecute philosophy.

Anvarious other element in my decision to reduced my hair at residence is my journey to simplify my life and also put much less of an emphasis on my appearance. I realized with my garments shopping ban that I was spending method also a lot time focused on what I wear and also how I look. In enhancement to this being a colossal waste of time, I wasn’t comfortable with the vanity it implied.

De-emphasizing my appearance has been valuable for me in many type of ways, including that: I obtain all set much faster, I spend much less money on clothes and also products, and I feel primarily healthier thanks to my absence of constant make-up, nail polish, perfume, and so on All in all, its been rather liberating. It’s still a work in progress, but, I like to think that my residence haircut is another step in the right direction.

General Tips:


Can I cuts your hairs, pleeez?

Encertain that the haircutter and haircuttee are both sober.Do not permit a greyhound to reduced you hair, no issue exactly how cute they look.Do not expect perfection and also execute not anxiety out.

The Style:

The hairreduced we achieved could finest be described as soft, lengthy layers through angles towards the chin. All crmodify for the angles goes to Mr. FW who identified exactly how to do these mid-haircut (complete disclosure: one side came out a little much better than the various other side).I didn’t desire the blunt, straight-throughout look of a traditional cut, so this yields a feathery, softer look. My hair is incredibly thick, so a softer cut drops much better.

Cost: $0


Handhosted mirrorCombClips


How To Cut Long Hair At Home

Step 1: Wash hair.

The experts reduced hair wet, so we decided we would certainly as well. Due to the fact that my hair is ultra-thick and long, it’s a lot simpler to regulate when wet. It’s vastly simpler to line hair up and also find all the separation ends when it’s wet. The caution below is that hair shrinks up once it dries, so be wary of taking off too a lot size as soon as it’s wet.


Much simpler to line up wet hair

Tip 2: Part hair as you commonly perform.

This ensures that you’re cutting your hair as it usually drops. If you brush it all ago to reduced it, you’ll shed the organic lay of your hair. So, best to part it up. This is particularly necessary if you’re going to angle it in the direction of your confront as we did.


Caretotally parted and also combed

Tip 3: Divide hair into 4 sections and secure via clips.

Sections 1 and 2: I first sectioned off the hair in front of my ears–aka the hair that I wanted angled up in the direction of my chin (these sort of look like Princess Leia buns)

Sections 1 & 2 clipped on the side of my head

Section 3: Next off I took the middle hunk of hair, parting it horizontally below the ears.

Section 3: horizontal component below the ears

Section 4: The final area is the extremely bottom of your head–the hair need to just hang straight dvery own.

Section 4 hangs dvery own at the lowest component of the head

Step 4: Select a small item of area 4.

Take the lefta lot of (or rightmost) tiny section of hair from section 4 and also have your residence hairdresser comb it directly back from your head. To clarify, we’re starting via the hair at the back, lowest part of the head.


Mr. FW took this little area straight earlier from the head

Tip 5: Determine just how much size to take off.

Because I didn’t desire to shed the majority of size and was greatly hoping to get rid of separation ends, Mr. FW made the cut in line with the shortest piece of hair. To carry out this, run your initially 2 fingers via the hair till you reach the shortest strands. You could cut any size desired via this approach.


Mr. FW ran the hair between his fingers till he got to the finish of the shortest strands

Tip 6: Cut hair upwards in a half-moon shape.

Because I didn’t desire a blunt, straight-throughout reduced, I had actually Mr. FW cut upwards in a semi-circle. This ensured a clean reduced, however doesn’t offer that overly blunt look to it.


Cut upwards in a half-moon

Step 7: Cut in small triangles.

On the piece you simply reduced upwards, currently take the scissors and cut in tiny triangles. This better adds to the soft, feathery look of the cut.


Mr. FW cuts in tiny triangles

Step 8: Repeat for the rest of area 4.

Take another small piece of section 4 and also repeat the procedure till you’ve reduced every one of the hair in section 4.

Tip: Put the hair that has actually already been cut in front on your shoulders so that you don’t forget!


Mr. FW combing my hair directly back to cut

Step 9: Clip up section 4.

We’re now all done with area 4, so clip it ago as much as keep it out of the way.

Tip 10: Unclip section 3 and divide right into two pieces.

I had actually the majority of hair in section 3, so I organized fifty percent of it while Mr. FW reduced the other half.


Section 4 is done and also clipped up. I’m holding fifty percent of section 3 so Mr. FW have the right to cut the other half.

Step 11: Follow the same steps for cutting the hair.

Use the exact same technique of combing small segments of hair straight ago and then cutting upwards in a semi-circle followed by cutting in tiny triangles.

Step 12: Clip up section 3.

We’re currently all done with area 3, so clip it earlier as much as store it out of the way.

Step 13: Unclip area 2.

This area is on the front side of the head and also is the hair that’s in front of the ears. To angle it towards the chin as we did, reduced from the bottom in the direction of the chin in a diagonal line. We made the mistake of going the other direction initially, and uh, it didn’t turn out rather as well… still completely fine though.

At this stage, it’s vital that you’ve parted your hair on the side that you typically perform, bereason the angle on that side will certainly be a little bit shorter so regarding framework your face. Since I component my hair on the right, the angle on the left curls just under my chin.

Mr. FW initially combed the hair downwards and then provided his fingers as a overview to reduced up in the direction of my chin. This was one spot wright here it would certainly be almost impossible to achieve accuracy if the hair was dry.


I’m reflecting Mr. FW the angle I want towards my chin

Step 14: Unclip area 1.

This is the other area at the front of the head through hair in front of the ears. We complied with the exact same angling strategy for this side: cut from the bottom in the direction of the chin in a diagonal line.


Mr. FW’s completed angled handioccupational on the appropriate side (the left mirrors it)

Tip 15: Measure length of your longest front layers.

Pull downwards on your longest front layers and also check that the size is even. Make adjustments as essential.


Unscientifically measuring the length of both sides

Tip 16: Blow dry hair.

I blow dried my hair (not something I commonly do) so that we can inspect the length. Mr. FW discovered a couple of stray hairs after it was dry, which he easily snipped off.


The finished product. You have the right to see the layers as I’ve brushed it all earlier right here.

Step 17: Luxuriate in your awesome, complimentary hair!


Finimelted angle on the left side


The shortest angle is on the left side, because of the reality that I component my hair on the right

Parting Thoughts

Having Mr. FW reduced my hair at home represents among our final frugal frontiers. Heretofore, I’d phelp handsomely to have actually it reduced at a salon, which had been my one beauty indulgence (I’ve always done whatever else myself–eyebrows, nails, etc).

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The last time I had it reduced was over a year back and also even though we deserve to afford it, I didn’t want to waste my money on it this year. Quite sindicate, I’d fairly save that $120 and enjoy the benefits of compound interest over time. Compound interest, by the means, is a magical unicorn of awesomeness, in case you hadn’t heard. As for me and my hair, we’re going via the magical unicorn.

Have you ever reduced your own hair? Are you motivated to attempt it now? What’s the worst that deserve to take place, ideal ;)?!

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