The year is 2017, and a country/individual musician in big hair and also lots of make-up hit #2 on the US iTunes charts.

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For Brian Firkus the mini album Two Birds is the follow-up to his 2009 EP Greener. For Brian’s drag development Trixie Mattel the document is her musical debut. With a conventional sound, intelligent lyrics, and also irresistable hooks, Two Birds has actually become an immediate success.

The Typewriter recorded up with Brian/Trixie to talk about songcreating, being topped by Chris Pratt, and a possible follow-up to Two Birds.


An album everyone should listen to: The Complete Trio Collection by Dolly Parton, Emmylou Harris, Londa Ronstadt

A movie everyone have to watch: Clueless

A area everyone have to visit: Dollywood (Dolly Parton’s layout park in Tennessee)

An artist everyone have to view live: me, Trixie Mattel

A sevedepend underrated song: “A Case Of You” by Joni Mitchell

A severely overrated song: oh my god, just how a lot time carry out you have? — for instance “Hey Ya!” by Outkast

Sing along, listen, turn off:

a) Dolly Parton, Kacey Musgraves, Miranda Lambert: sing along to Dolly Parton, definitely listen to Kacey Musgraves, and don’t care about Miranda Lambert that much

b) Alaska, Miss Fame, Courtney Act: sing alengthy to Alaska, listen to Courtney — you never rotate off Courtney, and also don’t also revolve on Miss Fame



What did you pursue initially in your life, music or drag?

Music came way prior to drag. I just started drag when I was around nineteenager, music I began as soon as I was around thirteenager. I thrived up in the country wbelow we played music at home a lot.

Most world understand you from RuPaul’s Drag Race. Why didn’t you release your music when your seachild was airing, as other majesties do? Why did yout wait till now?

It didn’t really make feeling to me to perform music in drag bereason I didn’t think Trixie Mattel was a singer. I believed it was more a comedy thing. But then I discovered that the more I incorporated my genuine self right into my drag the even more world preferred it. And so when I started my stand also up present Ages 3 And Up I put an original song in the middle, and eincredibly night it was everyone’s favourite component. It occured to me that I was sitting on something tright here. It didn’t make sense to put the two together until I did. I don’t recognize if I should have actually done it sooner.

Also, releasing music as soon as your seachild ends, I feel like that’s an activity world take who are not musicians. The just reason they have actually somepoint to market is bereason they are opportunists. You shouldn’t release music because you’re cross-dressing on tv. You should release it when it feels appropriate.

Why did you pick a traditional folk/nation sound for your debut?

I don’t really like electropop. I don’t really prefer club music or hip-hop. I just really feel nation and also individual music. So I thought if I incorporated it in a very sincere means that still had actually a feeling of humour to it world could go in addition to it. And they did, luckily.

Typically people either release full size albums with at least nine tracks or EPs with a maximum of five. Your record, Two Birds, has actually 6 tracks. Why did you determined that format?

I wrote about twelve pieces of music for the album. But what I learned from doing my YouTube series is that people prefer brief points. They don’t recognize it, but they do. I favor brief things, too. If I see an album that has actually fifteen songs, I more than likely won’t listen to all fifteenager of them.

I wanted Two Birds to be a song cycle, definition you listen to the songs in the appropriate order and it chronologically provides sense. I wanted to pick the songs that made sense together and also told a story in a very concise way.

It was all my very own financial investment, as well. So I believed let’s perform somepoint tiny and short and watch if people respond to it. You deserve to constantly make more. I can constantly write even more music. In reality, I still have tons of songs I didn’t usage on the album that I can record and also release. You have to always leave the listener interested in what you’ll carry out next. If Two Birds does well my plan is to carry out an additional little batch of songs that’s like a companion piece.

You released the document under the Trixie Mattel name. The visuals that acagency it feature you as both Trixie and also Brian. Was it always going to be this way?

Originally I was gonna do it as Brian. And then I assumed it was a negative business option to not loop in the audience that I have in drag. So we swarm the album art in drag, out of drag, and together. Then we decided from there.

I believed it’s the audience of Trixie Mattel who’s gonna be listening, and the album tells the story of the guy behind the curtain, like in The Wizard Of OZ. It’s the life experiences of someone who travels as Trixie Mattel. Someone who travels the civilization alone and navientrances relationships while working a lot. Who the audience imagine singing when they listen is pretty irappropriate.

Also, I’m exceptionally inspired by civilization prefer Johnny Cash and also June Carter. I love the imagery of a guy and a womale together making a duet album and also I wanted that via simply me.

Is that where the title Two Birds comes from?

Yeah, it refers to a number of points. It’s 2 birds because it’s Trixie and Brian. Also, it hregarding execute with world coming and also going. If you imagine an electric wire and 2 birds sitting on it, they only remain for a details amount of time before one leaves. The time that they’re together, that’s the story of this album.

I created the album on a Hummingbird guitar and also a Dove guitar, so that’s 2 birds. Also, my grandpa taught me to play guitar on a Hummingbird, and also my grandma’s heart pet is an owl, so that’s additionally a two-birds-point. It has a couple of definitions to it.

Two Birds hit #2 on the US iTunes charts behind the Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack. Did you expect it to be this successful?

Well, I was hoping Chris Pratt would certainly height me, however I didn’t understand it would certainly occur prefer this.

I intend, that’s crazy. I was just hoping to make my financial investment back. I supplied all my very own money. I created all the music; played it, sang it, swarm the art, conceived it all myself. So for it to go over and also past the affect of Drag Race fans was a pipe dream that I never before thought would certainly happen. It’s gonna be on the Billboard charts following week, on the optimal 200 albums.

You can’t think of Drag Race audiences as stupid. They choose top quality. People like drag monarchs because you acquire a taste of live performance, visual art, singing, dancing. For each journey you take them on, if you put your heart right into it and also provide them something good, then they’ll at least try it. And if they favor it, they’ll stick roughly.



What is your songcomposing process?

The first line of the song is always the first point I write. I write top to bottom, beginning to finish, in the best order. And I usually perform it in one sitting.

“Seen My Man” and “I Know You All Over Again” were both created in possibly fifteen minutes. I simply sat dvery own and also did it, and it came out precisely as I wanted it. For “Mama Don’t Make Me Placed On The Dress Again” I was drunk in Provincetown on a bicycle through an empty bottle of Fireball in my bike basket once the line “bottle in my basket” came to my head. Then I type of worked around that.

Often the songs that take the leastern amount of time to write rotate out to be the best songs, don’t they?

I agree. All my favourite songs I’ve done came out all at once and also the way somebody would really say it. If you overthink it also a lot, if you micro-manage it, it’s never before gonna sound genuine. You have to trust your mouth and also your brain. I never understand what I’m saying until I’ve sassist it.

Is there anything popular songwriters tend to do that annoys you?

I personally attempt to be rather artistic via my rhyming. Sometimes they’re not even full rhymes, they’re half rhymes. I’m very interested in alliteration and also inner rhymes bereason that’s a little even more nuanced to me. When someone says “maybe” and “baby” I’m like… okay.

Also, the use of repetition in pop music sometimes makes it sound like it was conceived in a scientific research lab. Like it was made to make money. That’s very transparent to me.

Country and folk in basic are storytelling genres, whereas pop is even more around universal phrases, isn’t it?

Yeah, people music is the deepest, most real type of music. It’s about facility problems that will certainly never before be addressed. But they’re being explored by someone in musically quite an easy means. It’s superior bereason you’re really trying to always redevelop the wheel. I guess what I’m saying is that I choose folk music bereason it’s not incredibly facility yet it’s still extremely deep. There’s a lot to ruminate on also thought it’s basic to listen to.

The first single and also video from Two Birds was “Mama Don’t Make Me Placed On The Dress Again”. Do you have actually plans for even more singles and even more music videos?

I’m gonna carry out one more single from the album. There was one song in certain that everyone loved and also wanted to be the single. I love that song, as well, however it’s type of sad, and I simply thought it would certainly be a sad first single. So I have the ambition to produce one more visual story for that song now.

I didn’t even wanna execute a music video at initially . But one more drag queen told me, “make a music video or no one’s gonna buy your album.” I’m glad I did bereason I took pleasure in making it and also I got to job-related via Leslie Jordan aacquire. The video came out exactly as I wanted. A puppet present being put on for adult cowboys as an allegory for a drag queen in a gay bar, it’s extremely actual and also arduous and tiring.

The responses to “I Know You All Over Again”, which may be the sad song you just pointed out, were amazing. What was the incentive for that one in particular?

I was newly getting over a previous relationship. And I was functioning in the tvery own that the gentleman was from. You understand, once you go some location that reminds you extremely a lot of a failed partnership you think you’re over, you learn very quickly that you’re not as over it as you think you are. The song is all around the little details of life that make the totality relationship come right earlier to you. I created it in a hotel room in Kentucky in fifteenager minutes.

When and also where have the right to people hear the Two Birds songs live?

They can hear them sung live this month in New York City at the Laurie Beechman Theater. I’m doing an album release present there on 2third and also 25th May. Also, my display Ages 3 And Up is touring around the world appropriate now and attributes some music from the album.

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Finally, is tbelow anypoint you’d like to add?

Well, the album is obtainable on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify and so on And at New York Drag Con and also my New York album release reflects physical copies will be accessible for the first time. I didn’t desire to execute physical duplicates because I didn’t think anyone would certainly buy them. But currently it appears they will.