Polite as in you desire to hint it casually; "it will certainly make you 'break wind', however careful it can be a shart" sort of polite.

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Tengo gases

Tengo ventosidades

Tengo flatulencias

Tengo cuescos

Tengo borborigmos con manifestaciones externas

Tengo averiado el catalizador del tubo de escape

Tengo efluvios negativos en el laperform oscuro


There you go, that's more of what I was in search of say thanks to you. I don't favor utilizing "peperform, pedos" etc given that it simply sounds like I'm talking to a best frifinish at a bar or something. Not the method I want to speak to a female, for instance. Thanks again!

You have the right to just say tengo gas. Causa gas

Ok excellent I didn't think to usage "gas" and can have actually the same interpretation it does in english in that context. Thank you!

In the Canary Islands we never say "pedo", but "peo". If you say "tengo un peo" means you're drunk. I have actually never heard "tengo pedo" before. It doen't sound herbal. "Tengo gas" sounds weird in this context. "Tengo gases" sounds herbal.

for example el curry me hace pedarme, curry provides me fart. Also, me produce gases.

"Me hace pedarme" sounds a small little bit weird to me too, at least in Canary Island also Spanish:

Me hace pedar, hace que me pede, me create pedos, me deja pedándome, and so on.

Edit: Canary Islands Spanish

Me hace cagar peos, hace que me den peos, me create peos, me deja cagándome peos.

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