A friend read that article I wrote last Monday (you know, the one around the new TV sitcom around thriving up with a father who is blind) and also told me she was disappointed that NBC didn’t hire a blind actor for the starring role. My friend doesn’t have a discapacity herself, however she had actually newly viewed a Ted Talk by female stand-up comic Maysoon Zayid called “I Got 99 Problems…Palsy is Just One”, and also the video made her much even more aware of the lack of Hollytimber roles for actors with disabilities.

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Mayshortly Zayid has actually cerebral palsy. She studied theater at Arizona State University (ASU) however provided up her dream to end up being an actress after repetitively being passed over for roles.

Even once ASU produced And They Dance Real Slow in Jackson, a play around a girl that has actually physical disabilities prospering up in a small (and also small-minded) town, Zayid didn’t get the lead. “This is a component I was literally born to play,” she says, lamenting that they actors an able-bopassed away theater student rather. “They didn’t think I can perform the stunts, but excusage me, if I can’t perform the stunts, neither can the character!”

Zayid states in her Ted Talk that she realized very, incredibly easily that Hollyhardwood doesn’t have actually a area for “fluffy ethnic disabled people” favor her. The only female stars she can think of that made it to the optimal without conventional cover girl looks were comediennes. Whoopi Goldberg. Rosie O’Donnell. Roseanne Barr. So she turned to comedy.

Her Ted Talk opens with a lot of shtick. Example: she tells the audience she knows they’ve all dreamed of having a disability. The crowd gasps. Then it goes dead quiet. Zayid proceeds, asking them to pretend they’re going about and also approximately a shopping mall parking lot on Christmas Eve and passing by all those empty handicapped parking spots, and…the crowd laughs in agreement.

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Zayid gets serious at the finish, though, mentioning the double requirements and also cruelty that still exist concerning world through disabilities. She says she was never made fun of when she was prospering up, however now the internet permits people to be cruel and also ugly with comments around her. She also asserts that if Hollywood won’t hire actors through disabilities for daily roles, than they should soptimal casting able-bodied actors into roles as people via disabilities. “If a wheelchair user can’t play Beyoncé, then Beyoncé can’t play a wheelchair user,” she shrugs.

tml">Tune in to the Ted Talk video yourself, and also view if you don’t finish up agreeing via Zayid once she insists, “We should produce more positive imeras of people via disabilities in the media.”