Hii i am sam, male 21 and also i have actually one bit sister (2 years younger then me) i usage to have actually a huge crush on her when i was 15 however i never did anything about it. Now in 2020 this lockdvery own thing happened bereason of which i was stuck with her for totality day, eextremely day i see her going upstairs downstairs in her shorts and little bit peak, she is a attrenergetic girl, asian B dimension breastern i think and also really cute. So i began gaining my feelings kinda back for her seeing her everyday, this time i wanted to execute somepoint about it but what if she said no it will damage our relationship forever but if she said yes it would be so much fun, i really wanted to do something around it. So one night it was about 11 pm and also i checked out her room, she was researching on her desk and also i said

“i wanted to talk to you about something”

“What she replied”

“First you promise me you won’t tell anyone about this”

“She said sure what”

“Are you a virgin”

She looked at me weirdly she was shocked and also shelp “what”

I was not going to back dvery own currently i was all in so i repeat

“Are you a virgin”

She sassist yeaaah….

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I replied“i am not and also because of this lockdvery own point i can’t go out and also get any type of girls, you wanna have actually sex one time”

I think it was means also shocking for herShe was researching few minutes ago and currently this WTF

she said “ahhhhh i don’t know”

I replied “its either yes or no u desire to have sex one time nobody’s gonna recognize i will be entirely safe”

She shelp “ok sure”Her challenge transforms full on pink and also red

I shelp “ok 12:30 fulfill me in my room and wear something nice ”

I have actually no principle why i sassist that,i was so nervous but i didn’t wanted to show her i am nervous, i obtained in my room and also closed the door

It was around 11:45 now and i was terrified, how did i perform that, i can’t believe she sassist yes, i am going to have sex via my sister yesssss!!!!!

After that i save on looking at my phone, time was going way as well gradually 11:50, 11:51 ahhhhh i can’t wait, i wonder whats going on in her mind best now probably she is freaking out too

After it was 12:15 i was method too excited i was choose ok just 15 minutes even more, i wanted to execute this given that i was 15, people were best dreams execute come true

After it rotate 12:30 on my phone there was no response, she haven’t involved my room yet, i was like did i offered her too a lot time to think around it or somepoint did she adjusted her mind but then i managed myself i shelp act cool, its going to taken place today

After it turn 12: 33 i yelled its 12:00 currently she replied coming

After she came to my door i was standing tbelow tooShe was wearing blue jeans that is kinda ripped designed and also pink tshirt i said allows do this, she said one time ok, i shelp yeah one time

She saw my bed and also sit on it, i closed the door after that i sassist you don’t desire to kiss or anypoint right, she sassist i don’t understand, i put my hand also on her T-shirt and also pull it up over her confront, she was wearing a grey bra kinda ling one i don’t understand what its dubbed i pulled that up as well, both her breast comes out they were perfect. I started sucking her nipples and also playing her ser various other breastern, after that i was rock difficult, after that i sassist cmon bend over,she did and i pulled her jeans off while she was bending, she have a really nice ass ans kinda hairy pussy i pulled my jeans off and i shelp this is going to hurt a small little don’t yell, she didn’t sassist anypoint, initially i rubbed my dick approximately her pussy for like 5 times then i put it in, it was to tight and also feel kinda weird at initially i provided first stroke to her i pull out and then in aget this time i was all in, she began making bit noises i said be quite, after that i was going much faster (in out in out in doggy style) let after prefer 9 minutes i shelp allows change positions, this time we were doing missionary “in out in out” she the kissed me on my lips i kissed her ago after 6 minutes i came in her, she was trying to control but at the finish she screamed favor crazy “ahhhhhhhhhh” After that i lay next to her on the bed she was still out of her breath, i said this was something, she sassist yeah, after few minutes she gained up and saw her room, that night at dinner we didn’t talk at all we didn’t also look at each various other yet after few days things gained earlier to normal, we never talked about this ever aacquire and also it was a fun one time thing.


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I had actually sex for the initially time before lockdown.I’m 14 and also it was through my bffs dad.Anymethod being on lockdown for few months I was horny.I was house alone via my brvarious other 17.i chose to tease him wearing low reduced height no bra and also short skirt thong panties.After teasing him a bit he told me to stop or I wouldn’t be a virgin. I told him I wasn’t. He sassist he didn’t think me sassist I had actually to prove it.I took my panties off laying down I spreview my legs. He gained in between my legs and open my pussy and also looked in, then he started licking me.After a little bit I begged him to fuck me.

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It didn’t take him long and he stripped and also then shelp he didn’t have a condom. I told him he have to pull out favor the male I shed virginity to.Things got really warm and also he said he wasn’t pulling out, I just wrapped my legs roughly him and we both came.

Now someexactly how have to explain to our parents that I’m pregnant

I’d remained in lockdown 5 weeks with my 14 year old boy. His father was working amethod at the time. One evening, I can no longer go without sex. I checked out my son’s room and acquired right into bed through him. After a lot kissing and also fondling, I straddled him and fucked him until he blasted his cum up me. We’re out of lockdown now, but I fuck my boy whenever before we’re alone together. His father is ago through us currently, yet he hasn’t a clue what I gain approximately through my boy as soon as he’s at occupational.