Thereis a great regimen in one of the Bugs Bunny cartoons wbelow Yosemite Sam isharassing Bugs, as usual. Bugs draws aline in the sand and also dares Sam to step over it.Sam takes the dare, so Bugs draws an additional line. Aobtain, Sam measures over the line…this bitcontinues until Bugs draws the last line and Sam procedures over it, falling overthe side of a cliff. No matter how manytimes I view this, I laugh! Unfavor, inthe cartoon, how many times have actually we involved a line attracted in the sand and areafrhelp to action over it? It is practically asif the line is a boundary we are afrassist to cross, or a fear of leaving ourcomfort zone.

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Ihad actually the suffer wright here I was traveling in the time of the anniversary of my mother’sfatality. It is customary in the Jewishreligion to attend a organization on the anniversary of a parent, sibling or child’spassing. Normally, I meet up with myfather and also my brothers to attend the company, however this time, I was ameans onbusiness in a international country. I did alittle bit study, sent out an e-mail and found a place for me to go close to theoffice I was working out of in Hong Kong.My individual comfort zone would be to execute nopoint and avoid going to anunfamiliar location, even if I knew that I would certainly regret not going. I went in the evening at the given time. I stepped out of my comfort zone into a roomof what should have actually served as a comfort zone for the people there. They bacount recognized that tright here was aWayne in the room. I asked for abook. I am in a foreign speakingnation, and also currently in a room of Hebrew speaking human being and also I am the just English-speakingperson. I received no pleasantries, not even a minimal inquiry such as whereare you from, what brings you to our holy place – AWKWARD!
Ileft a bit downtrodden after that. Ikbrand-new that I had to go aget in the morning, but not tright here. When I referred to as home, I was all set to throw inthe towel. Debbie reminded me why I wentin the first place, and that going to the business was somepoint I wanted todo. She was right (again…). The following morning, I saw a different placeand also had actually a various experience. I wasgreeted by the Rabbi and he asked inquiries such as wright here are you from, whatbrings you to our holy place. He also askedthroughout the room if I would be in town Friday night. He paid attention to me, made me feelwelcome, comfortable. Afterward, theyinvited me to join them for breakrapid. Istuffed some additional money in their donation box.

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Irealize that I had actually some obstacle stepping exterior my comfort zone, however I alsolost focus as to what I wanted to perform. Ivirtually let someone make me feel uncomfortable enough not to pursue mygoal. Yosemite Sam did not pause beforecrossing the line. I not just paprovided,however almost decided not to cross it. In thefinish, I am glad I did.