This quiz will show you what you understand about Selena Gomez. In the score, it will certainly tell you what you must do to show you choose Selena Gomez or for some scores, to show that you do not.

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Are YOU the number on Selena fan? Do you have the power to amaze anyone consisting of Selena that you understand all around Selena? Until understand you have the right to only wondor. But many thanks to this quiz, in simply a couple of minutes you will certainly uncover out.

Created by: Lexie

What Is Selena"s Middle Name? Jen Marie Samantha Audrey Alexa LizWhere Was Selena Born? Paris, France Boston, Massachusetts Dallas, Texas Houston, Texas Grand Prairie, Texas Hollyhardwood, CaliforniaWhat year was Selena born in? 1992 1994 1989 1993 1991 1995Who did Selena very first satisfy that is well known now? Miley Cyrus Abigail Breslin Joe, Nick, and also Kevin Jonas Demi Lovato Brenda Song Ashley TisdaleWhat was the first TV show Selena Gomez was on or guest starred on? Hannah Montana Barney and also Friends Wizards Of Waverly Place The Suite Life of Zack and Cody Sonny With A Chance Help!!! I do not know!!!!How old does Selena turn in 2010? 18 19 16 17 15 14Who was the initially perchild to be on a show via Selena? Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Jake T. Auston David Henrie Selena"s Mom Selena"s DadWho Is Selena"s Best Friend? Taylor Swift Demi Lovato Miley Cyrus Abigail Breslin Victoria Justice Miranda CosgroveWhat Is Selena"s favorite food? Pasta Pickles Onions Hamburgers Munchkins HotdogsWhat is Selena"s favorite color? Blue Yellow Neon Eco-friendly Purple Pink Red

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Quiz topic: How Well carry out I Know Selena Gomez?

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