Blog Summary- Don’t know exactly how does Snapchat occupational if you want to be an anonymous Snapchat Story viewer? In this blog, you will certainly learn just how to watch Snapchat Stories without them discovering via the 2021 approach which works.

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Snapchat gained success shortly after its launch, being a one-of-a-type app. One of the finest attributes it gave you with is no matter what kind of snap you write-up, no one can take a screenshot or save it without you discovering. If you article a photo on your Snapchat account, it stays there for a great 24 hrs and you’d be informed through the list of people that watched it. But what if you do not wish to show up in their viewer’s list, in that case how to see Snapchat Stories without them knowing in 2021? Read On.

It is indeed an excellent feeling to check out most Snapchat story viewers. But, if you wish to watch someone’s Snapchat story without them learning, Snapchat doesn’t administer you via any kind of such function. However before, we have obtained a trick to help you watch Snapchat stories anonymously.

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View Someone’s Snapchat Story Anonymously (Without Notifying Them)

Here we will show you exactly how Snapchat works in a couple of measures to watch Snapchat stories anonymously!

Step 1: Launch Snapchat application and also login through your credentials.

Tip 2: Now, tap on the Stories symbol located at the bottom right corner of the screen.


Step 3: Once you are on the Stories web page, refresh the screen and wait for all the stories to be loaded. It is vital that you do not open up any type of Story or the other perboy would be educated about your visit on its Story page.


Tip 4: As quickly as all the stories are uploaded, you have to close the Snapchat application and switch off your mobile information manually. If you are utilizing Wi-Fi, you have to switch that off also. Well, if you are asking why, we will tell you that’s how Snapchat functions to gain you the stories easily accessible.


Step 5: You might additionally think about placing your phone on Airaircraft Setting rather of turning-off miscellaneous options.

Tip 6: Now, re-launch the Snapchat app on your mobile phone. Tap on the same Story icon from the bottom of the display screen to watch Snapchat stories anonymously.

Step 7: You would be able to watch all the previously loaded stories of various civilization on your Snapchat.

Step 8: Now you deserve to tap on any type of of the preloaded stories and watch someone’s Snapchat story without them discovering. Make certain your mobile phone is either on airplane mode, or you have switched off mobile information or Wi-Fi while viewing the story.


Tip 9: Once you are done viewing all the stories on Snapchat, leave the application and switch on the mobile data or Wi-Fi earlier.

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To make this procedure even smoother, make certain you save your mobile data or Wi-Fi switched off and also reach the story when it is close to to expiry. More the story is cshed to expiry, it would buy you more possibilities of not being recorded as a Snapchat story viewer. Once the story is expired, the owner wouldn’t understand if you have actually been to his/her page and perceived the story.

Overall, Snapchat is an sea of discovered tricks and also tips that can elevate your experience of sharing photos. Although, Snapchat doesn’t administer any type of feature to let you watch others’ feeds without letting them know about your check out. However, the unofficial workarounds are interesting and also have the right to assist you view someone’s Snapchat story without them learning.

Additionally, if you want an additional trick to learn exactly how to view Snapchat stories without them knowing, simply clear your cache on your application. This will certainly make your anonymous views even safer as you switch ago to the internet link. But this trick is more valuable for Android customers, but for the iPhone, you will be forced to uninstall the application to remove all its data.

Also, you should save your Snapchat app approximately day and also get it just from the Google Play Store. Now that you recognize to take an unrevealed tour, use it for good.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. How To View Someone’s Snapchat Story Without Adding Them Using Snapchat Discover?

You deserve to usage the Snapchat Discover function and also see someone’s Snapchat Story without them learning. Follow these measures to do so:

Tap the Snapchat application to launch it.Snapchat residence display screen, swipe towards left to obtain Snapchat Discover screen.

The Learn section mirrors you a list of latest stories by websites, celebs, and also other individuals.

On the Learn display screen, scroll till you discover the story that you want to see.Once you discover the profile of which story you want to view, press tap on it to see the story.


You have the right to additionally sfinish this Snapchat story to your friends, press and also organize the story to acquire options. You deserve to currently include text and decoprice the video and send it to your friends.

To see more stories, you have the right to swipe appropriate and also left and also discover all the stories accessible on Find Out list. Here swiping appropriate will certainly take you to the beginning of the list and swiping left will take you towards the end of the list.

Q2. Is Tbelow An App To View Snapchat Stories Without Being Friends?

No, there is no such app to view Snapchat Stories without being friends. However before, if the perchild has actually posted a story publicly, then you could find his/her story in the Discover section.

Q3. How To Check How Many Times Someone Has Viewed Your Story?

No, it is not feasible to obtain the count of views from your Snapchat story viewer. The users deserve to just inspect that has regarded their story. Also, you deserve to not uncover out if someone is watching Snapchat stories anonymously utilizing the above approach.

Wrapping Up –

Now you know that knowing the correct time for viewing Snapchat stories is how to watch Snapchat stories without them knowing. With this information, you can now watch Snapchat stories anonymously without appearing as a Snapchat Story viewer in their list.

We hope this post will help you learn exactly how to see Snapchat stories without them knowing with the 2021 strategy. We would favor to know your views on this article to make it more helpful. Your suggestions and also comments are welcome in the comment area listed below. Share the information through your friends and others by sharing the write-up on social media.

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