My Galaxy S6 doesn"t recognise my fingerprint. How carry out I unlock my device?

If your fingerprint is not recognised, you must still have the ability to unlock your gadget using your display screen lock password.

If you perform not remember your password, you deserve to unlock your gadget making use of Find My Mobile or Unlock using Google.

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You deserve to discover out even more about Find My Mobile below. Please note that you will have actually had actually to have had Remote Controls permitted on your device prior to you deserve to usage it.

If you are unable to usage Find My Mobile, you may be able to unlock making use of the Google account erected on your device. Note that if you have actually even more than one Google account put up on your tool, you will certainly only be able to usage this strategy to unlock making use of your major Google account (the one you put up first)

1. Choose the Unlock through Google option on the device.


2. Go into your Google account log in details and pick sign-in


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