Do you hate it as soon as clouds fill up your hillheight fortress? In this article, I will provide you a means to easily rerelocate clouds in Minecraft so that you deserve to constantly watch your structures clearly.

While this easy tutorial has been done more than as soon as, I provide you a replacement clouds picture below so that you carry out not must mess through MS paint or other picture editing and enhancing software.

How to Remove Clouds

Rerelocating the clouds in Minecraft is as easy as changing one image. This will certainly call for a few basic actions and also I’ll be sure to help you not break anypoint. The only points forced are the picture itself, which I have actually offered, and also somepoint to open up the game file to make the switch.

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This tutorial will present you just how to switch the clouds file in Windows. Tright here seems to be an issue for Mac users when making use of the Archive Utility. Mac individuals unacquainted with archives should watch distinct instructions from this threview on the Minecraft forum, yet have the right to still usage the clouds file gave.

If you have WinRar, I recommend that. WinZip or 7-zip likewise occupational. You deserve to downfill WinRAR for complimentary in 10 seconds.


opening minecraft.jar in WinRar


copy the empty clouds file over this one

Tip by StepSave the file to your desktopGo to your game folderWindows XP – C:Documents and also SettingsYOURUSERApplication Data.minecraftinWindows Vista/7 – C:UsersYOURUSERAppDataRoaming.minecraftinMake a copy of minecraft.jar simply in case!Right click original minecraft.jarSelect Open WithSelect WinRAR, WinZip, or equivalent programWhen it opens, double click environment(optional) Rename the old clouds.png in case you want to keep it for laterDrag clouds.png from your desktop onto the old one and confirm

Upday May 2011: With Minecraft 1.5, the clouds file is no longer stored inside the minecraft.jar file. If you are running the new variation, you deserve to still discover a clouds photo file in your favorite texture pack (likewise under the setting folder).

You’re Done!

Now that you updated your game’s cloud image, you can have clear sunny skies from currently on. In instance you made a mistake, you have actually the backup minecraft.jar file.

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I have tried to make this as plain as possible so that world of all computer proficiency levels deserve to understand also it. If you have actually any kind of problems following these measures, leave a comment so I have the right to aid you.