It happens all the moment. In truth, we’ve more than likely all either viewed it, done it, or assumed around it: flirting with your hairstylist. And really, who could blame anyone? You see them on a continual basis in a laid-back place; you chat with them about movies and also books and the cool things you each did last weekend. So yeah, there’s a good opportunity you’d want to understand exactly how to flirt through them. (Especially if they provide an excellent scalp massage.)

But then again, they’re at work. You’re paying them—component of their task is to be friendly. And there’s the entirety business of having to search anywhere tvery own for a replacement in the event you weird them out. So what’s a solitary perboy with hair to do? We asked 3 stylists whether you have the right to ask them out and also, if so, exactly how to do it.

Terra Therapos, stylist at The Circle Salon (a editors’ Pick!)

“Such a juicy topic,” Terra gushed. “I think flirting is always a compliment! As lengthy as it is known that both parties are single, flirting is pretty harmmuch less and creates a friendly rapport. … If the stylist flirts back, I would say it is game for asking them on a date.”

Just make sure you’re ready for whatever before their response could be. “If it isn’t mutual and tbelow were blended indications, it may create awkwardness,” she said. “If you go on a day or two and also it doesn’t occupational out, you need to discover a brand-new stylist or … save things casual and also find humor in it later on.”

James Rosko, stylist at Fuga Italian Escape Salon & Spa (also a editors’ Pick!)

“I"ve been hit on and I think it"s correct,” James said. His one caveat for would-be flirts: don’t assume eincredibly compliment is a come-on. “The connection and also trust in between a customer and hairdresser is prefer nopoint else. Our project is to constantly make human being feel much better and beautiful. Some world might mistake it for sexual attraction.”

That said, don’t be afraid to broach the topic. “A lighthearted discuss how looks or exactly how much you appreciate them is always a nice means to start. Then definitely invite us out for drinks,” he laughed. “I"m a few people"s hair husband also.”

Abby Mazer, stylist at Sport Clips

Abby, who functions mostly through male clients, has type of a Seinfeld stance on the whole point. She’s not someone that would certainly day her clients—not that there’s anypoint wrong via that. Just as two pals can not cross that line for fear of losing the friendship, she’d be cynical to threat shedding someone as a customer.

But Abby knows plenty of civilization who have dated and also also married their stylists. “It happens a lot more than human being are most likely mindful of,” Abby sassist. “I’ve had actually occur to me wbelow it’s been really obnoxious, they’ve asked for a booty call or whatever. … You gain all different kinds of people. If you’re a genuine brand-new client, possibly wait till you have even more of a partnership through your stylist.”

Her best advice? Just be cool about it. “It’s just like asking anyone out. You have the right to read people. If the stylist is flirting ago and also you gain the feeling that they’re interested, I think the client must just ask. In a nice method, a correct way.

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Do it best , don’t take someone to the side or anypoint. Since then the entirety salon will know and it becomes a totality big point.”