Yeah we know. Which is why we made Super Stretch, a coconut curl elongator that changes the game. You have the right to learn even more around Super Stretch and also just how it functions, appropriate here.

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Want to know just how to gain a super identified, super extended wash and go?

Look no even more, Brazilian curl queen Paula Almeida is here to show us how she uses Super Stretch to achieve a gorgeous wash and go.

Step One: Start with Wet Curls

This must be evident, however just in case here’s a reminder. Start through soaking wet hair.


All of’s commodities are formulated to be used on soaking wet hair to trap in moisture and also shut down frizz prior to it starts.

Then cleanse through your go-to cleanser and also follow up through a conditioner. For aid picking the perfect pair for you, click here.

Step Two: How to Apply Super Stretch


After conditioning your hair, make sure it is still soaking wet.

Then, use Super Stretch to the hair in sections, functioning the product right into yours curls in a downward motion.

Make sure to really push the product in a downward motion and don’t scrunch! This permits the micro-encapsulated coconut oil to get in between each coil to lengthen those curls.

Tip Three: How to Dry Curly Hair


Dry the hair via your favorite dryer and also diffuser combo. Our fave is the DevaFuser and DevaDryer, of course!

Once dry, shake or pick out your curls at the root for that additional va-va-voom volume.

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Aaaaand also you’re done!

How straightforward was that?!

Like we said, Super Stretch really is a flexible superhero and with results favor this…


We can’t remain away!

Want to watch the whole regime in action? Check out the full video of Paula functioning her Super Stretch magic.

Are you excited to offer Super Stretch a try? What various other looks execute you desire to see featuring Super Stretch? Let us know if the comments below!