An enthusiastic “yes” is the finest way to start your Gerguy adventure! Discover around all the various methods of saying yes in German and also impress your brand-new Gerguy friends through your language skills.

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You can think that any type of number over “20” for means to say yes in German is ludicrous, but I’m sure that without reasoning also difficult you deserve to think of a handful of methods to say yes in your very own language.

The Germale language provides you numerous ways of saying yes in any kind of provided situation. You deserve to say yes to answer a question, give consent, provide information, or even get involved in active listening. You can be familiar with the exceptionally common ja, a basic method to say yes in German. To spice it up, we’ll learn around a number of various other possibilities for saying yes in Germale.

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How to Say Yes in German at a Glance via Audio






Yes (casual)





Auf jeden Fall

For sure


Ja, gerne

Yes, I’d love to

Ja, klar

Yes, clearly/Yes, Sure

Ja, sicher

Yes, sure


For sure


Yes sir



Kein trouble

No problem

Das klingt gut

Sounds good


For sure (formal)

Also gut
Yes (reluctant)

Ja, warum nicht

Yes, why not

Ja, vielleicht

Yes, maybe

Ja, mal sehen

Yes, we’ll see

Ja, schon

Yes, kind of

Das ist wahr

This is true

Du hast Recht.
Sie haben Recht.

You are right

But yes


Enthusiastic Ways of Saying Yes in GermanNeutral Ways of Saying Yes in GermanExceptions and also Other Situations

Enthusiastic Ways of Saying Yes in German


Sometimes you’re just exceptionally excited and also enthusiastic around an principle or proposal. Maybe you have actually been harboring an enigma crush on a fellow customer in your regional bakery and also over a Bretzel they lastly technique you and ask you out. In this instance you might say:


The timeless word in German for yes is ja! . You really can’t go wrong via a simple ja! Apply it in any type of situation, particularly if you are not certain if among the other alternatives fits. 


Jepp is also written jep, jap or jup and it’s a casual means of saying yes. It actually originates from the English “yes” and also is supplied mainly among a younger demographic. Don’t use this in a formal letter!


Absolutely! Aget, pretty cshed to English, the word absolut should simply slide off your tongue! You deserve to also use “absolut” to agree through someone.

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Naturally! Here’s another enthusiastic means for you to say yes. You can use natürlich when someone claims the apparent. When the nice grandma in the park compliments your excellent German, simply say “natürlich” and smile.

Auf jeden Fall!

Auf jeden Fall literally translates to “in any kind of case” in English but implies something prefer “for sure”. Saying auf jeden Fall will certainly really emphasize exactly how much you love the idea that you are presented through.