We use the conjunction “but” to justify, to protest, to acquire out of doing an unpleasant task. “But” is among those words that we use a zillion times a day without even reasoning around it. Tbelow are 3 words provided to say “but” in Italian.

In English, we’re not really intended to begin a sentence with “but,” but in speech, we perform it all the time. Italians perform it, too. In fact they are fans of saying “but,” which is why they have 3 ways to say it, depending upon the tone, the intention of what they desire to say, and also depending upon the sentence structure. So what are these 3 waysto say “but” in Italian?

1: The simplest and also most basic means to say “but” in Italian is ma.

It’s a super-brief word, easy to pronounce, and straightforward to location in a sentence — it goes at the start of a expression, so it’s your best bet as soon as you really must say “but.”

Ma is somepoint to say as you are reasoning of what to say:

Ma… quand’è che usciamo insieme? (But… once are we going to go out on a day together?)

You can usage it once you are shocked or surprised, prefer when your auto gets towed bereason you hadn’t noticed the “no parking” sign.

Ma come??? (How did this happen?)

You have the right to usage it once you’re indignant:

Machediavolostatefacendo?(But what the hell are you doing?)

You have the right to use it as soon as you’re not convinced:

Ma… non lo so.

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(Well, I don’t recognize around that.)

Ma che ci faccio qui? But what the heck am I doing here?Speaking of ma (but), there’s a movie through ma in its title : Ma che ci faccio qui! – Un film di Francesco Amato.

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2: The second method to say “but” in Italian is through però.

Però deserve to take the area of “but,” but, many kind of Italians use both ma and però together, even though it’s not really correct.

Ma pero… vorrei mangiare adesso. Ho fame! (But but… I want to eat now. I’m hungry!)

Ma is such a short word that occasionally we just add però to get our point across, in this instance, hunger! Very beneficial if you want to whine in Italian. Picture youngsters trying to gain out of doing their homework: Ma però, tutti i miei amici stanno giocando a pallone… (yet all my friends are playing soccer!)

Però is used at the finish or in the middle of a sentence, and frequently connects two contradictory ideas. It can also be translated as “but.” So in English we put “but” at the start of a expression, but però deserve to snuggle in to the middle.

Oggi,però,latarantellaèconosciutaintuttoilmondocomeunballotradizionalefolcloristico. But this particular day, the tarantella is recognized the civilization over as a standard individual dance.Èstataquasiunatragedia… peròcisiamomoltodivertite. It was practically a tragedy… but we had many fun.

Però is a pretty basic word through 2 syllables. The accent is on the second and also last syllable and also you have the right to draw it out for a pretty lengthy time! Listen…

You have the right to even location però at the very end of a sentence.

Tuseiunpo’troppoapprensivo,però! But you’re a bit as well apprehensive!
Tustammivicino,però.But continue to be cshed to me.

3: The 3rd way Italians say “but” is through invece.

If we translate invece literally, it suggests “instead,” however it’s frequently provided just favor “however.” The tricky thing is that, like però, it’s often stuck in between words wright here we leastern expect to hear it.

Seviricordate,inqualchevideoprecedente, vihomostratocomeprepararelapastaallacarbonara,proprio in questa cucina. Ifyourecall,inanearliervideo, Ishowedyouhowtopreparepastaallacarbonara. Oggi,invece,vifaròconoscereilmiopiattopreferito: spaghetticonolio,pomodorinieaglio. But this day, I’ll acquaint you via my favorite dish: spaghetti via oil, cherry tomatoes, and also garlic.
Eh,comesiottienelamozzarellaaffumicata,invece?OK, that’s how you make mozzarella, but just how execute you acquire smoked mozzarella?

Èbellissimoiltuocane. Ioinvecepreferiscoigatti. Your dog is beautiful, but I like cats.So tright here you have actually the basics of “but” in Italian. You have 3 choices: ma, però and invece. Ma is the simplest, so try it out on your friends and also family.

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