If you’re finding out Spanish, you might want to use your brand-new command also of the language to display your mommy exactly how a lot you love her. That’s why in this write-up, we compiled a list of 13 common nicknames that you can usage to say mother in Spanish.

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This list has popular words that Spanish speakers use to speak to their moms. Several of these nicknames are taken into consideration typical Spanish and others are slang Spanish. Make certain you read carefully the descriptions of these nicknames so you uncover one that you and your mom may favor.

1. Má

is the shortened variation of ‘mamá’, as a result, this may be one of the many well-known nicknames for moms in Spanish. We usage ‘má’ when calling or talking directly to our mommy. It’s not used to talk to others around her. This Spanish word deserve to be analyzed as ‘ma’ or ‘mom’.

¡Má! Ya llegué, ¿dónde estás?Ma! I’m house, wbelow are you?

Te quiero mucho, I love you exceptionally much, ma

Ya me voy, má, llego hasta en la nocheI’m leaving, mommy, I’ll be earlier tonight

Oye, , ¿sabes dónde está mi cartera?Hey, mom, carry out you recognize where my wallet is?

2. Mami

In Spanish, ‘mami’ is a really loving and intimate word that we use to call our moms. It means ‘mommy’ or ‘mum’. Although it may be taken into consideration a word more commonly used by youngsters, the truth is that all people usage it when they want to be added affectionate via their moms.

For circumstances, young human being and also teens may usage ‘mami’ as a method to flast their moms and also obtain their permission to perform something ;). But if you have a nice and also loving relationship via your mom, you have to absolutely consider using this nickname with her.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, mami! Te queremos muchoHappy birthday, mommy! We love you so much

Te extraño mucho, mami, ¿cómo están mi papá y tú?I miss you so much, mum, how are you and also dad?

Oye, mami, ¿puecarry out salir con mis amigos hoy en la noche?Hey, mum, deserve to I go out through my friends tonight?

Since ‘mami’ is a really affectionate and intimate word, some speakers might protect against utilizing it in public because they may seem to be a mama’s boy or a little bit spoiled. However, this word is rather well-known among women once talking about their moms.

Take Note: In Latin Amerideserve to countries, paleas might usage ‘mami’ as a pet name for their baby daughters. Additionally, it deserve to likewise be provided as a slang word to speak to a young women ‘hot’.

3. Amá

In Latin Amerihave the right to nations, amá is a really well-known, informal and also affectionate nickname for moms. This word is one more shortened version of ‘máma’. Although this word originated in nation and rural areas, nowadays it’s rather widespread in significant cities. Many of the moment, we usage ‘amá’ to contact or to talk straight to our ‘mom’. This word might be interpreted as ‘ma’ or ‘mom’

¡Amá! ¿Dónde pongo tu bolsa?Ma! Wright here have to I put your bag?

¡Amá! ¡Calma a tu hijo o lo voy a calmar yo!Mum! Calm your son down or I’ll perform it!

¿Qué vas a hacer hoy, amá? ¿Quieres ir al cine?What are you going to execute today, mum? Do you want to go to the movies?

Taka Note: ‘Amá’ is a slang Latin-Amerihave the right to nickname for mums. Don’t use it in formal situations. If your mom knows Spanish, you may want to make certain that she’ll choose this nickname since some moms think this is as well casual to address her. (My mommy will totally kill us if we used it with her, that doesn’t prevent her from making use of it via her very own mommy, though… the hypocrisy!)

4. Mamá

Mamá is a typical Spanish word that we use to say ‘mom’. Although it’s not precisely a nickname, there’s no means your mother have the right to be offfinished if you use this word to speak to her. Unprefer other nicknames, ‘mamá’ have the right to additionally be used once talking to various other human being about your ‘mom’. As a Spanish standard word, ‘mamá’ is the straight translation of ‘mom’.

¡Mamá! Voy a la tienda, ¿necesitas algo?Mom! I’m going to the keep, do you require anything?

¡Charlie! Tanto tiempo sin verte, ¿cómo está tu mamá?Charlie! Long time no see! How is your mom?

¿Ya le dijiste a tu mamá que nos vamos a ir el fin de semana a la playa?Did you currently tell your mom that we’re going to the beach this weekend?

Take Note: Similar to ‘mom’, ‘mamá’ is extremely appropriated for instances wright here you’re referring to your mom. In addition, it’s a nice word for moms that are not fond of funny nicknames.

5. Amami

Amami is a casual and slang variation of ‘mami’. Therefore, this Spanish nickname for moms can be analyzed as ‘mummy’ or ‘ma’. Although it’s commonly used in Mexico, this word is not as well-known or widespread in various other Spanish-speaking nations. So, if you want to have actually a much more unique means to speak to your mother in Spanish, this may be a good choice for you.

¡Amami! ¡Ya me voy! Te veo alratoMa! I’m leaving! See you later

¿Necesita que le ayude con esto amami?Mummy, carry out you desire me to assist you with this?

¡Amami! ¡Te hablan por teléfono! Es la abuelaMa! You have a call! It’s grandma!

Take Note: As with ‘mami’, ‘amami’ is a really affectionate word that Mexideserve to speakers use with their moms. They protect against making use of it in public cases. It’s commonly provided to call our moms.

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This is another fun nickname that Spanish speakers use to refer to their mother. ‘La ley’ literally implies ‘the law’ or ‘the boss’. Although we don’t usage this word directly through our moms, we usage ‘la ley’ once talking about them through friends and also various other human being. Here are some examples:

No sé si pueda ir, deja le pregunta la leyI don’t know if I deserve to go, let me ask the boss

Si quieres ir, pídele permiso a tu mamá, ya sabes que ella es la leyIf you desire to go, ask your mom, you understand that she’s the law

Take Note: Some men likewise ‘la ley’ to refer either to their girlfriend or wife. As with we execute in this case, they would certainly use ‘la ley’ as a method to describe their women behind their backs.

12. Creadora / Mi creadora

‘Mi creadora’ literally means ‘my maker’ or ‘my creator’. This is a funny and also cheeky nickname that some Spanish speakers use to speak to their moms. You might also hear mi progenitora (my progenitor) which is a variation of ‘mi creadora’.

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¿Cómo amaneció mi creadora?How are you this morning, mom?

Deja le digo a mi creadora que ya nos vamosLet me tell my mommy that we’re leaving

These nicknames deserve to be provided straight with your mom or when you’re referring to her. Due to the fact that you’re utilizing these Spanish words to say ‘mom’ or to talk about your mother, ‘mi creadora’ have the right to be translated either as ‘mom’ or ‘my creator’.

13. La mera mera

In even more casual Spanish, ‘la mera mera’ means the ‘significant boss’. As a result, it’s a widespread means to contact our moms. This expression is incredibly well-known in Mexico and some Latin Amerideserve to countries. However, we woguys don’t like to be dubbed bossy, we use this expression once talking to others about our mothers. Of course, if you are your mom’s favorite child or you have the ability to say points in a nice way, then, you deserve to usage it through her