A few days back, I review an short article around love and also protection market line. It’s around how to watch a love life making use of administration strategy. The writer is a management’s student at UI, that’s why the write-up making use of monitoring method. So, as a computer-control’s student at Sepuluh Nopember Institute of Technology I want to share our strategy around saying love.

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Well,In my first year, I’ve learned around binary code, and also ascii. Binary code just consist of “0” and “1”. And each decimal number has a various binary code. Those binary code can be converted right into decimal (as a 1-100,etc), octal (just using 0-7), and also hexadecimal (utilizing 0-9 and A-F) notation. Binary code, decimal notation, and also hexadecimal notation likewise represent ascii code. Ascii code is a numerical depiction of some personalities, number, and also alphabets in Computer Interface. So, it means when we type a letter in our computer system, the computer will read it as a binary code or hexadecimal notation, and also transform it into character and alphabet using the ascii code.

This is the ascii code table.


well,from the table, we know the ascii code for characters, signs, numbers, that we want to use. For example, we usage “41” as the hexadecimal notation to reexisting the ascii code of “A”.

And now, just how if we desire to write “I Love You” making use of the hexadecimal notation based upon ascii code? well, it’s easy. Check the ascii table, and discover out the hexadecimal notation of each character on the sentence.

So, it would be favor this :

I=49; space=20; L=4C; o=6f; v=76; e=65; Y=59; u=75;

FYI, capital-alphabet or not-capital-alphabet have actually a different ascii code. For example, hexadecimal notation to recurrent “A” is 41, and “a” is 61.

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The outcome of “I Love You” on hexadecimal notation based on ascii code is : 49204C6F766520596F75

And just how if we desire to transform it right into a binary code?It’s rather straightforward if the table reflects the binary code as well. We simply have to write the binary code of each personalities, prefer what we’ve done prior to on hexadecimal notation.

But we have the right to convert the hexadecimal code into the binary code. It’s rather simple too