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It's rare, but, to watch an Amerideserve to dish - apple pie, say, or the corn dog - exported elsewhere and rewired in a distinctively foreign method.

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I had cheese curds (prefer fried cheese sticks), roasted corn, a corn dog and also ice cream.Totally absorbed by the minute he focused on, what to him was, the most necessary thing in the world - gaining the best amount of mustard on his corn dog.I invested all my money on food (a corn dog, lemonade, and two-entrée meal from Panda Express; I was really hungry).You just devoured fifty percent my corn dog and also now you're after even more food!I am heading to the imperial snack bar for a corn dog.Emile shrugged and also went back to the unidentifiable slop that was trying - and failing miserably - to pass itself off as a corn dog.One perboy took pleasure in a corn dog without the carb-laden exterior.This was the initially time in my life that I tasted a corn dog.Imagine this if you would certainly be so kind: you are walking down the street simply minding your own service and you spot a corn dog on the ground.On the left, John Kerry chats at the fair while balancing a corn dog in his hand.It was regime to eat one corn dog, then fifty percent of the waffle fries, the majority of of the mac & cheese, then the rest of the fries, followed by the second corndog and also lastly the remainder of the mac & cheese.There, they are assured, the meal of choice is the Dog's Breath corn dog.And for the junk food junkies tright here was soda, pizza, corn dogs, hamburgers, French fries and also chips provided also.Go to the mall and gorge yourself on anypoint at the food court that comes on a stick: corn dogs, kabobs, caramel apples and Big Macs (I'm certain they'll put one on a stick if you ask).Sometimes for days or weeks in a row they serve the same food, prefer macaroni, corn dogs, little burgers, and also cheese pizza.‘She left what she believed was a adequate amount of frozen food, prefer TV dinners, corn dogs and also pizza bagel bites, in the freezer for the seven-year-old to microwave,’ Loomis shelp.He's not into these things anymore; now he snacks on veggie burritos, soy corn dogs, and crackers through mustard and cheese.And let me tell you that I take into consideration macaroni and cheese, and frozen corn dogs heated in the cooktop as ‘cooking’.

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So I did the only points I could… I waburned clothes, made veggie corn dogs, review my roommate's People Magazine, and also pondered the ultimate fallibility of mansort.