When playing defense in Rainbow Six Siege, roaming or anchoring are your finest options. Check out these ten tips for both play styles!

Tright here are most playstyle ranges in Rainbow Six Siege. There"s an ever-thriving assortment of operators accessible to usage, each with their own distinctive devices (and, sometimes, weaponry), and also each of them lends themselves even more to one playstyle than another.

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On Defense, playlayouts can greatly be divided right into 2 categories: Roamers and also Anchors. A Roamer is (usually) going to be operators that have actually 3-speed and 1-armor, though that deserve to differ sometimes. (Spawn-peeking Docs, we"re looking at you). Anchor operators are commonly operators via 3-armor, though aobtain, it can depfinish based on the form of gadget available to them. For circumstances, Lesion is 2-2 between armor and rate, yet he"s a good anchor because his gadget makes the objective site even more challenging to take over time.

With every one of that out of the means, let"s take a look at ten tips, five each for Roamers and also Anchors:

10 Clear Comms (Roamer)

As a Roamer, tbelow is absolutely nothing worse than getting killed by someone running up on you that you couldn"t hear, specifically if that"s the instance because there was too much uncrucial chatter over mics. The prominence of being able to hear everything approximately you is paramount once roaming, and one seemingly inconsiderable sound deserve to rotate a round right into a victory, if you play your cards appropriate.

Make certain your teammates recognize that you must hear what"s happening about you, and also save the unvital chatter to a minimum.

The the majority of important component of being an Anchor is knowing precisely where eincredibly sightline right into the objective is. There"s no much easier kill in Siege than as soon as you stumble onto a Defender that isn"t looking your method, and also this deserve to only ever happen if that Defender either isn"t conscious of or isn"t paying sufficient attention to each sightline roughly them. Eexceptionally accessible sightline right into or close to the objective is a possibility for the Attackers to cut off component of the room; don"t give it to them conveniently.

Having a clear expertise of the nearest enattempt points Attackers might usage is essential as a Roamer, bereason that"s likely wbelow you"re going to must capitalize on the sounds you"re making use of.

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This requires a solid expertise of the map you"re playing on, so roaming on maps you aren"t super acquainted with is going to make for a bit of a complicated time. But as soon as you carry out know the map, and also you can pinpoint precisely wbelow someone is coming in by the sound without necessarily having actually to view them, it"s extremely rewarding.

This goes for everybody in Siege, however it"s especially necessary for Anchors that most likely aren"t relocating around as much as everybody else. Use any type of accessible cover to shield any kind of component of your body feasible.

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Sometimes you"ll have to lean to keep the majority of your body out of sight, however as long as you aren"t sacrificing a sightline in order to acquire cover, you"re doing it ideal. The smaller a target you are, the much less most likely an Attacker is going to have actually an easy swarm on you.

Tbelow are times you"re going to need to lay off for a minute as a Roamer. Maybe the opponent has actually droned you out and knows wright here you are, probably there"s more of them in a spot than you thought; the point is, you constantly should have actually an easily accessible leave.

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Certain rooms in Siege are dead ends, and if you acquire stuck in one of those as a Roamer and also the Attackers find you, you"re in for a negative time.

While holding a sightline is vital, that doesn"t expect it"s constantly feasible. For example, there"s rather a few objective sites in the game that have actually soft ceilings/floors that Attackers might not be able to enter via, yet they can certainly shoot and throw ordnance via.

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Buck, Sledge, and also Zofia are all prime examples of operators that can cause you difficulties and also open up sightlines into objectives from a various floor. If they open something up, occasionally it"s finest to find a brand-new spot to sit tight.

Tacking onto that last point, operators that have influence grenades (or Nitro Cells, in a pinch) or an additional shotgun option are good to use as soon as roaming. This permits you to have a wider selection of escape plans, enabling you to blow holes in wall surfaces to rotate through or usage hatches to drop down onto the floor listed below. Alibi is a great instance of this: she"s a 3-speed Defender with both the alternative of a secondary shotgun and also influence grenades, permitting for maximum potential in escape plans and rotations holes.

A lot of Defending operators in Siege have actually tools that they put up and also leave. Take Jager, for example. If you"re playing as an Anchor, make note of wright here Jager put up his ADS and manipulate it, taking away the must problem around grenades (at leastern, partially).

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The very same is true for operators favor Alibi, Mira, Frost, Kapkan, Mute, and also so on. Each has a device they collection and also forget, and also it"s frequently useful to know specifically wright here they are in order to have actually all the information possible to you.

Just bereason you need to retreat does not intend you"ve failed. Almany as essential as getting kills as a Roamer is the amount of time you"ve wasted for the Attackers. The Attackers are going to have an very tough time taking the objective site as lengthy as the Defenders have Roamers out-and-around sowing discord, so the longer you continue to be alive, the better. Don"t re-peek angles the Attackers know you to be at, and also don"t be afrhelp to head for the hills looking for greener pastures. The longer you remain alive, the much longer the Attackers need to watch their backs.

There"s nopoint deadlier in Siege than a well-coordinated team, and also when both teams are functioning perfectly, the Defenders (arguably) have the advantage, simply bereason they have the point that the Attackers want. As an Anchor, you"re likely going to acquire quite a little of intel throughout the round around the Attacking operators near you. Who they are, wright here they are, what they"ve already supplied, and also so on. Communicating that information to the Roamers (concisely) makes it a million times easier for them to properly flank the foe. The even more indevelopment they have, the even more they have the right to plan their ambush, and also this is going to make the distinction in a lot of rounds.

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