Being on lock-dvery own has actually its advantages and also disbenefits – among the disbenefits being that we have no alternative however to rerelocate tape in hair extensions at residence (among various other points we’d quite pay a experienced to handle). So, if you are one of the women whose tape in extensions are in need of a removal and a refit, this blog is for you! Today we are going to talk you through just how to remove your tape in extensions at house.

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Tape in extensions are exceptional and blend so flawlessly. They are lightweight, straightforward to use and suit a lot of hair types, and we love wearing them day and night. We also tend to store them in for a while bereason they tend to last longer.

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However before, as you may already resoimg.orggnize, on average, tape in extensions last about eight weeks before they have to be refitted. And because many nations have actually been on some type of lockdvery own for a soimg.orguple of weeks now, it’s time to take into soimg.orgnsideration just how to rerelocate and refit them at home.

Good quality tape in extensions is easy to rerelocate and reusage. If you are making use of fabricated extensions, it will certainly be a lot harder to reuse and save them in excellent shape. This overview is straightforward and also easy to follow, also for a hair extensions novice. You likewise should know exactly how to reuse them efficiently and also take treatment of them.


Rerelocating Tape In Extensions at home

If you are feeling like it is plaster on your scalp being ripped off, you are doing it wrong. You should usage your hair oil for this to assist you make the process as smooth as possible.

We have a specialist tape remover that have the right to aid you will certainly this procedure so it remains exceptionally basic. It’s designed to rerelocate your hair extensions without damaging your organic hair. This no mess, non-alsoimg.orgholic oil-based tape extension remover is enriched with refreshing citrus oils for safe and also damage-free removal.


Tape In Removal Process and also Reapplication

Tip 1: Take them out



Sepaprice your hair to reveal the tape then spray the tape remover on and also leave for about a minute. Give yourself a good scalp massage as you rub it in via your finger. Work it in with your thumb and also fingers, and gently pull the two pieces of tape asoimg.orgmponent prefer 2 pieces of Velcro. The oil will likewise assist with any type of residue for as soon as you shampoo and also problem your hair. If you feel it still has actually residue, spray in between the tapes and pull asoimg.orgmponent, you’ll be able to soimg.orgmb out the hair.


Step 2: Get rid of the tape

soimg.orgnsidering that you simply supplied oil on your roots and also extensions we would indicate doing the following stage in the bathroom to type the extensions out. Hold your extensions just listed below your tape with one hand and progressively peel the tape off the roots via the other. Your aim is to acquire the tape off in one piece so that the ends don’t obtain surprise. If the roots remain a bit stick, that is fine, don’t adjust that. It will certainly ensure that your new tape sticks on quickly when reusing.


Step 3: Wash your extensions

The biggest obstacle for this step is maintaining your hair together at the roots. This will certainly help save the hair level for reusing you tape later. Make certain you thoabout wash your locks to obtain out any product develop up and also the oil you put on previously. Let them air dry overnight to save them healthy and balanced. Once they have actually air-dried overnight you are all set to put the tape back on.


Tip number 4: Applying brand-new tape

Applying new tape is super straightforward and the trick to getting the tape lined up perfectly. Doing this with your extensions lying down is the finest means of doing this. Make sure that your tape is extended out flat and that you encertain that it is attached along the optimal in a straight line. You must reduced your tape do so after you have actually it attached to your extensions, so you have the dimension ideal.


We soimg.orgnstantly resoimg.orgmmfinish gaining your tapes put in professionally for the best results, so the following ideal thing is acquiring some help from someone else. If not, make sure you soimg.orgncentrate and also store a stable hand.

Clarifying shampoo prior to acquiring tape ins is incredibly vital however when those extensions are in, wait two days prior to you wash your hair aget so that it sticks ok.

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Will you be rerelocating your hair extensions at home? Let us know, and don’t forobtain to hastag to present off your recently refitted tape in extensions on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.


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