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Did you recognize that expansion tape requirements to be rerelocated before extensions are installed again? In order to save your client’s extensions in the ideal form, you’ll need to remove any kind of old tape, buildup, dirt, and oil from your client’s hair and extensions so the brand-new tape will grab and adbelow prefer it’s meant to for the longest wear time.

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Why Does this Matter?

1. Longer Wear Time – Cleaning the tape off the hair wefts helps the wear time and can assist the adhesive hold much longer. Since 20-50 wefts are placed in eincredibly install, it’s vital to make certain that the wefts are prepped and clean for a solid application.

2. Preserves Extensions – Rerelocating the tape makes extensions organize up longer and with even more applications. When used properly, a lot of hair extensions have the right to be resupplied for approximately a year, which is awesome because it creates much less waste.

3. Prevents Damage – Rerelocating extension tape demands to be done whenever before your clients are in for a reinstall, which must be about eexceptionally 4 to 6 weeks. If the tape is left in any longer than that, it have the right to be extremely challenging and also damaging to rerelocate.

4. Lays Closer to the Scalp – By the 4 to 6 week mark, the hair has actually grown out sufficient that the weft is laying ameans from the scalp. This is a signal that the extensions must be removed and remounted. Doing this will certainly area the wefts closer to the scalp and also will certainly redistribute the weight of the extensions on the hair. If the extension tape is stacked rather of removed, the extensions won’t lay as close to the scalp and also can be much more noticeable.

5. Keeps Costs Down – By keeping up via your client’s expansion maintenance appointments, their extensions and hair are retained in better condition. This allows you to reuse your client’s extensions and also spend less time applying conditioning treatments to assist repair damages caused by old tape. This helps store the expense of application down for both you and also your clients.

Out with the Old

To remove the extensions from your client’s hair, we recommend adhering to this streamlined and also straightforward procedure.

Move the client’s hair out of the method to disclose the expansion, and then use the remover liberally over the tape until the height of the weft is saturated through remover. We recommend No Trace. It’s alcohol-based and provides the first action of removal a dream. This product works by disfixing the adhesives and also glues that hold extensions in your client’s hair for so lengthy and won’t leave oil residue behind.

After a couple of minutes, you should have the ability to conveniently peel the tape and also extensions gently ameans from your client’s hair. We’ve heard from numerous stylists that using your fingernails to peel the tape ameans is a great method to go about it. The weft need to conveniently come off of the client’s hair via the tape still attached to the expansion weft. The tape shouldn’t stick to your client’s organic hair. If you’re struggling through a weft that’s still a bit stuck, use even more Exstress and anxiety Release and also let it sit for another minute.


To finish taking the wefts out of your client’s hair, give their hair a quick wash via Exanxiety Prep Shampoo. This shampoo will certainly aid to remove any type of residue that was left from the tape, and also breaking dvery own the occasionally oily remover. It’s also a good method to obtain your client’s hair extremely clean and all set for reinstalling the extensions.

Clean the Extensions

Once the extensions are out of your client’s hair, the next step is to acquire the tape tabs off of the wefts. First, lay the extensions on a level surchallenge with the sticky side up. Apply Weft Release to the used tabs and also rub it into the adhesive. Leave the Weft Release to sit and also start functioning on breaking the tape dvery own for a few minutes. Once it’s been sitting for a while, gently pull any kind of sticky pieces off of the tape tabs. If you should, apply even more remover and store working on peeling the adhesive away. The reason why we think Weft Release is amazing is because it’s been specifically designed to rerelocate the tape from wefts.

To finish up the cleaning process, use a drop of dish soap to the tab. Work the soap right into the Weft Release, then rinse the soap ameans from the tab. This action will aid cut the oily residue that Weft Release leaves and make it much easier to wash out. Finally, shampoo and problem the extensions and dry them completely.

Keep in mind, Weft Release is for taking tape off of extensions just. It’s not for rerelocating extensions from your client’s hair.

Squeaky Clean & Ready to Wear

Once these actions are done, the extensions are ready to be reinstalled. Just meacertain the bonding tape out to be slightly larger than the tabs and reduced. Pull off the tape backing and also use the tabs to the wefts. Press them together firmly and also trim away any excess tape. Now you’re ready to reinstall them to your client’s hair.

That’s all we’ve got for you today! We hope these tips and tricks have been helpful. If you have any questions about the products we mentioned, reach out to us at info

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Exstress tape requirements to be removed prior to extensions are installed aacquire.Cleaning the tape off the hair wefts helps the wear time and have the right to aid the adhesive organize longer.When applied correctly, the majority of hair extension wefts can be reprovided for approximately a year.

Products we love to clean tape-in extension wefts: Weft Release & Extension Prep Shampoo


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