Clip-in hair extensions are your best choice for a zero damage transformation. You have the right to clip them in and also out whenever you want! Follow this basic tutorial for a stress-totally free, simply irresistible hairstyle!


action 1: brush and organize.

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Brush your hair and the hair extensions to eliminate any kind of tangles. Continue by organizing the hair wefts and also team them by dimension. Use 2 mirrors, front and also back. This will make it much easier to check out what piece goes where on your head.

step 2: bigger wefts first, smaller sized wefts after.


Begin by clipping in the 3 and also 4 clip wefts founding at the bottom of your head, constantly working your way up. First affix the middle clips, then secure the pieces to your hair through the side clips. Feel totally free to stack as many type of wefts as you check out fit, however do not exceed the middle of your head (by the ear line), to save the clip in hair from reflecting with. Finish by including in the smaller wefts.


The 2-clip wefts will go to the sides of your head for more volume. The remaining 1-clip wefts have the right to be supplied to cover any kind of spots in between the various other wefts. Consider these your added clip in hair pieces for volume!

step 3: style!


After clipping in all the wefts you require, brush out all the hair and also start styling it. By curling or straightening the actual hair clip-ins and your organic hair together, you’ll make certain the blfinishing is perfect and that the outcome looks natural.

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Want to recognize even more around exactly how to add hair extensions?Watch our YT playlist for more tutorials on just how to use clip-ins for a zero damage, zero stress transformation!

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Patricia – Having brief hair need to not be a factor to stay amethod from clip ins, on the contrary!Check out some useful before and after sessions through our clip in extensions here: review all about blending extensions via short/blunt haircuts here:’ll find all the indevelopment you need in order to make the perfect clip ins purchase ;)

soimg.orgFebruary 2021

I have shorter hair yet trying to thrive it out and also would certainly favor to try the clips. Many of the prior to and after have actually longer hair than I execute. Do they work through shorter hair? My hair is simply over my shoulders.

PatriciaFebruary 2021

SHEILA – If your order was placed with typical distribution, it have to arrive within 3-6 company days after handling time. If the order is late, please call out customer care team at help and they will look right into it! Thank you for your order!

soimg.orgJanuary 2021

I ordered my extensions just how lengthy does it take for them to arrive at my home

Sheila VanJanuary 2021

JENNIFER – All our extensions are 100% huguy remy hair, so they can be treated exactly prefer your natural hair. It is mainly not advised to usage bleach or harsh chemicals on your hair, however if done professionally and also discovering the results, our extensions can be bleached as well!