Finding a safe in Red Dead Redemption 2 have the right to cause excellent rewards — so long as you come ready to blast it open up.

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You"ve spent hours scouring the world of Red Dead Redemption 2, searching eincredibly nook and also cranny, and you"ve ultimately come throughout a safe. You know it"s going to be loaded through the good stuff — copious quantities of cash, fine jewelry, and other items worth their weight in gold. But initially, you have to uncover a method to open up that point up.

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Making your way inside a safe takes a bit of planning, yet it"s typically worth the initiative. It doesn"t need finding a code surprise ameans on a scrap piece of paper or completing a random side pursuit. No, all you"ll need is some good old-fashioned dynamite. Unfortunately for would-be safe robbers, coming across dynamite isn"t so straightforward. In order to purchase these explosives you"ll need to track dvery own among four Fences located throughout the country. They are situated at the adhering to places:

Emerald Ranch Rhodes Saint Denis Van Horn Trading Post

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Once you"ve found a Fence and landed yourself some Dynamite, you"re all collection to blow up that pesky safe. Ssuggest approach it and also pull the Right Trigger. Then, follow the prompt to plant your dynamite near the safe. Once it"s planted, press the Triangle or Y button to light the fusage. You"ll desire to action earlier a substantial distance, as dynamite has a nasty explosion that will damage anyone within about 15 feet.

After the dynamite explodes you deserve to currently go ahead and also pick up all your loot. Safes are the the majority of tough containers to open in Red Dead Redemption 2. It"s wise to always have a couple of sticks of dynamite in your inventory simply in case you stumble upon one in the wild. Also, do not waste your explosives on other chests, such as lockboxes. These are a lot weaker than safes and also can be opened just by throwing a knife or tomahawk at them.

Finding a safe out in the wild deserve to result in excellent rewards — so lengthy as you come prepared. If not, you"ll end up making a pilgrimage to the nearemainder fence to buy some dynamite, then have to gallop all the way earlier to the place of your newly discovered treasure.

As the good Teddy Roosevelt once sassist, "Sheight softy and bring numerous big sticks of dynamite." Or something favor that.

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