Here"s just how to turn a basic pitch change into a multi-layered effect. The basic concept can be modified to create a range of different voice results.

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This quick pointer is taken from the bigger task video, Basic Sweep. The complete video deserve to be found at:


We must begin via a clean voice track. If you"re not happy via any element of your vocals, now is the moment to change it.

Make sure that your track has unidevelop volume and also is complimentary of noise prior to going ahead through the effect.


Keeping a clean copy of your vocal track is an excellent habit to acquire right into. You may want to layer various other results later on, and also need a fresh copy to modify.

Click the panel to the left of your track to highlight the whole track, then hit Ctrl + C to copy.

Click the empty area beneath your track, and also hit Ctrl + V to paste.

Mute your original track by picking the Mute switch from the left panel. This will save it out of the method, so you deserve to listen to your task without it interfering via the playago.


Click the panel to the left to highlight the brand-new vocal layer, and go to Effect in the food selection bar. Select Change Pitch.

Play via the establishing till you"re happy with the outcome. The default value is 0, which will make no adjust. Moving the slider to the left will certainly offer you an unfavorable worth and make the pitch deeper, and also moving it to the appropriate will certainly create a positive value and a higher pitch.

I find that it"s ideal to use the result and also listen to the whole track before making a decision. Hit Ctrl + Z to uncarry out the change if you"re not happy with it, and go back to the Change Pitch result to try aacquire.

In this example I usage -9.

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Step 4: Adding Emphasis 1 - Isolating Audio


In this task, I wanted to create a strong focus on specific words. We need to isolate those parts prior to we apply any added impacts.

Copy your vocal track and paste it below.

On the brand-new copy, highlight the components that you will need to rerelocate. Zoom in by making use of the Zoom tool, or by hitting Ctrl and scrolling forward on your mouse"s scroll wheel. The selection needs to be specific.

Use the Silence Audio tool to silence the selected audio, leaving only those parts you wish to emphasise.

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Step 5: Adding Emphasis 2 - Layering Pitch Effects


Select your whole focus track, and also apply a Change Pitch result. In my example, I replicated my original settings, and left it at -9.

Playing ago your whole task, you will notice that this creates a dual-voice effect.

Copy this layer and also paste it listed below, then repeat the procedure of applying a Pitch result to the brand-new layer.

It"s basic to over-execute this, so play with the impact till you"re happy via the result. You might like to include higher-pitched voice layers as well, for a really dissonant finimelted impact.

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Tip 6: Adding Emphasis 3 - Reverb

Select the deepest of your focus tracks, and go to Effect on the menu bar. Select Reverb.

It"s safe to stick through every one of the default settings, and just adjust the Room Size.

This impact is really straightforward to over-carry out. As you deserve to hear in the example, selecting a Room Size value that is also high will certainly make your job sound prefer you"re in a cave. For this project, I chose 10%.

As always, apply your impact and also then play back your task to find the values that give you the outcome you need.

You can additionally layer this impact in the same means that you layered your Pitch impacts. The outcome have the right to end up being distorted, however occasionally distortion is precisely what you want. This is a demonic voice, after all.

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Step 7: Mix-down and also Final Edit

Once you"re happy via the end outcome, mix it down to a solitary audio file.

In the menu bar, go to File and also Export Audio.

I recommfinish picking WAV as the file type, as it is lossmuch less. That is to say, it is not compressed, and will not damage the top quality of your job. MP3 is fine for your last outcome, yet at this stage we are still editing.

You can additionally conserve your job in its current, mult-layered state for additionally editing and enhancing by hitting File, Export Audio. This will certainly develop a record in Audacity"s AUP format.

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Tip 8: The Final Edit

Open your mixed-down job in a new window. You shouldn"t must use Normalise or Compressor devices, bereason a lot of of the results we"ve offered have been used evenly to the whole project. The just exception is the areas we"ve emphasised.

As you can see from the picture and video, the emphasised areas are clipping badly. This is to say, they are getting to a volume that causes distortion.

To fix this, select the entire project. Go to Effect on the menu bar, and also select Limiter.

In the Limiter dialog, choose Hard Limit as the Type.

Many of the settings deserve to be left as default. The a lot of necessary establishing is Limit to (dB).

The maximum volume the project deserve to be is 0dB. Setting the Limit to -1dB means that any type of parts of the selected audio that exceed that -1dB will certainly be reduced, without affecting the rest of the audio. Limiter is a great tool for when you desire to keep the volume of your overall task, but have a couple of areas that are too loud.

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Use the Limiter to carry the blow-out areas down to complement the loudest parts of the original audio.