How to Make DIY Glass Flowers

If you carry out not have the patience to thrive actual flowers, or if you perform love to garden and include art pieces as accents to your garden, you are going to love these glass flowers, made from recycled products. They are the perfect upcycle job for the summer time, and also make beautiful presents for others also. This is the perfect time of the year to begin collecting pieces to make these glass flowers as well, since garage and also estate sales are widespread this time of the year. Spfinish a weekfinish shopping for used dishes, bowls, and more that you love. Look for shapes and colors that will blend well, and swarm inside each other.

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If you are interested in making the glass garden flowers for your garden, right here are some tips to use while shopping for the glass (and then view listed below on how to make the glass flowers through plates and also more)!

Tips for shopping for dishes to make Glass Garden Flowers: 

*Start by looking your own cupboards to check out what dishes you can already have on hand. It might be an excellent means to screen that special dish you have been holding onto from your excellent grandma for circumstances.

*Other good resources for dishes are thrift shops (shop their sale days), garage sells and next-door neighbors and also family members members (let them know to drop their unwanted dishes off with you.

*Think beyond simply your conventional dishes. For instance large bowls or chargers make excellent bigger flowers. Old glass ash trays make nice centerpieces for the flower s, and also bowls and little vases will make a nice funnel looking freduced.

*If you have actually storage room, stack every one of your plates you are collecting on a shelf. It makes it so fun to mix and also complement and design flowers that means (and also my kids love to obtain associated and gain creative too)!

*Have fun with it!


The photo below is my front yard in the summer via my glass flowers. Many of my flowers are flourishing but not blooming yet, so I use glass flowers made from recycled dishes, to brighten it up throughout all seasons. The photo at the top of the page is my moms garden, and also she offers bouquets (three similar looking flowers grouped together), to develop statements in her gardens.

I am incredibly fortunate in that my mother makes these, so we have actually learned from the best. She drills her glass flowers via a diamond drill little bit and creates stems out of practice made iron job-related they produce on website. These flowers are pricey. They deserve to cost upwards of $100. The excellent news though, is that she has common some tips with us on exactly how you deserve to make your own version of this glassoccupational on a dime (a $5 version and also a $10 version)!


The flowers are all made from recycled glass. They are dishes, bowls, ash trays, chargers and plates that are greatly uncovered at neighborhood garage sales and also thrift stores. We sindicate look for pieces that we thing will certainly make a beautiful floral look. Vases have the right to be offered if you desire a more three dimensional look


I have actually had actually the pleacertain of making a few of these glass art beauties through my mommy.

Here is the standard procedure for making glass flowers:

We begin by playing approximately via all of the glass, nesting one piece right into the following till we find a look we choose.They usage a diamond bit (and wear protective glasses) to carefully drill a hole in the facility of each dish.The pieces are then held together with a straightforward nut and bolt device.They make their own iron stems, but we have actually some other DIY choices listed below.

Here are some more examples of flowers she has actually made from reasserted dishes!


 Glue butterfly’s, lady bugs, dragon flies, or whatever before other creatures you deserve to find to the side of your plate for added drama.


And one we made from a silver charger in my front yard (displayed below). I have viewed these go on sale for about $1 prior to – so its a fun choice as well. They acquire excellent reflection from the sun!


How to make your own DIY Glass Flower for Garden Art:

Here is just how you have the right to make a basic version at your home, that you deserve to usage indoors or outdoors.

Here is just how you can make your very own version of these beautiful glass flowers from items you may have actually at house, discover at a garage or thrift sale, or barter via your friends for. Display them in your residence, usage them as gifts, or hang them on walls in your garden. However before you choose to display screen them, they are most likely to be a huge hit through travellers.

To screen in a garden, you have the right to either include a snapshot hanging piece on the earlier and hang on a fence, or put a nice solid wooden stake in the ground and also mount on that.

Supply List:

Glass plates, and bowlsGlue (epoxy glue, Gorilla glue or E6000 occupational finest in our experience)Plate stand also or plate hanger


The a lot of important component of this job is finding the glassware. We uncovered ours at a neighborhood second-hand store, garage sales, the Dollar Store, or our own cupboards.

The initially thing to keep in mind once shopping for glass is to think of the big photo. Each of these pieces on their very own might be considered a little bit tacky. You additionally desire to think around dimensions. Things that fit inside each various other, and also provide a much more conventional flower look to them work well. You can use bowls if you want a much more dimensional item.

Get your plates all collection out and style your flower before you begin glueing. Once you know what you want your finiburned flower to look favor start via the bottom item and also glue them on in layers, working as much as the final center of your flower. We provided the quick collection epoxy glue. You will certainly must follow the instructions on the back of your glue, yet basically you mix a small amounts of a two part glue in a discardable dish and also then you are prepared to usage it. It dries in about 5 minutes, so you will have to go to job-related best after mixing. You can additionally usage Gorilla Glue for this, yet it dries more yellow

We began by placing a bead of glue about the bottom of the second largest plate and gluing it to the center of the gold cat plate pictured above. If utilizing the epoxy glue technique, enable to dry 5 minutes before founding next layer for ideal results.

We repetitive that step for the rest of the layers also, allowing to dry in between layers, then providing it a good 24 to 48 hrs to really dry thoabout once you have actually them all glued together.

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Once you are finiburned through your flower you can usage the same glue method to attach a plate hanger to the back of your freduced, or obtain a plate stand to usage to display it in (we found this one at the Dollar Store). Its that easy, yet provides a gift human being will be talking about for a really long time. They are excellent dining room display, you might usage pastel colors for a nursery gift, or perform somepoint in green and red to use as a host/hostess gift for a Christmas party. I will certainly be putting this one in my office, simply for something pretty to look at.

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