Just thought I’d give some advice for anyone who’s dyeing their hair with semi-permanent dyes favor Splat’s crazy pinks, purples, blues, greens, and so on.

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1. Bleach your hair as light as feasible first unmuch less you have really white blond hair to start with. You’ll gain a lot even more vivid color.

2. After you’ve wamelted out the bleach (or just washed your hair, if you aren’t bleaching), do not use conditioner. Conditioner coats your hair and will certainly proccasion the dye from soaking in too. Also, you’ll must blow dry your hair, bereason it needs to be bone dry when you use the dye.

3. If you desire the colors more pastel than what comes out of the box, mix the dye via some white conditioner till you get the color you desire.

4. When you’re applying the dye, make sure you really saturate your hair from root to guideline. Rub the dye in thoapproximately through your fingers (in plastic gloves, of course) to make sure eextremely strand is fully coated.

5. If you’re doing multiple colors, wrap the lighter shade strands in foil so they won’t gain adulterated by the darker colors. You can bend the foil or roll it up so it keeps that strand out of your means while you continue to occupational.

6. Leave the dye on for way longer than the package suggests. I always stick it all under a shower cap to keep it out of my means and also just leave it on for around 6 hours. (This is why dyeing my hair is an all-day project.)

7. When you’re ready to rinse out the dye, use water as cold as you have the right to stand also. The chillier the water, the better the dye will continue to be in your hair. I constantly problem my hair at this phase, but if your hair doesn’t tangle also badly you might have the ability to stop that, which would be better. The package claims to rinse your hair till the water runs clear, but in my experience that’s a joke. I’ve never gained the water to run clear on the initially rinse, no matter just how long I continued to be under the water. I just got it to run somewhat clearerthan the first gush of extreme color and also then gave up and dried my hair through a dark towel. The water doesn’t ever before run clear the first 10 times I wash it or so.

8. When rinsing out the dye this first time, leave yourself considerable time and also power for cleaning the tub and also shower afterward. It might look a little bit prefer a murder scene, through arterial sprays of dye anywhere, and that dye will stain your tub/tiles semi-permanently if you don’t clean it off sensibly promptly.

9. Splat dyes (the just ones with which I’m familiar) will stain your skin (specifically your forehead, ears, neck, and so on.). But make-up remover will certainly pretty a lot take it all off if you scrub persistently sufficient. And I use masking tape to try to cover as much of my hairline as feasible to minimize this kind of staining.

10. To aid the shade last as lengthy as feasible, A) usage shampoo and conditioner for color-treated hair, B) wash your hair as seldom as possible (dry shampoo can come in handy to aid through this, as it doesn’t affect the color—I use “Perfect Hair Day” from Living Proof, and I very recommfinish it), and also C) just ever wash your hair via the coldest water you have the right to stand. The warmer the water, the even more shade will rinse amethod. In my suffer, this provides a huge distinction over time.

11. Only usage dark towels to dry your hair when you wash it, and just sleep on dark pillow situations, because the shade will rub off and stain your linens.

Keep analysis if you want to check out some photos portraying my experiments and mirroring how the color fades through assorted techniques of therapy.


(pic above) This time I bleached my hair initially, did not usage conditioner, and also offered a combination of Splat’s Vibrant Blue and“Ocean Ombre” (a fill that had 2 different colors: Blue Crush and Turquoise Reef, neither of which have the right to be purchased independently). This is what it looked favor the initially day after dyeing. I actually had it done professionally this time (because the first time had actually been so messy and also I assumed it would certainly be better to let someone else attend to the mess), and the salon woman just left the dye on for 1 hour. Even though I only washed my hair once a week in cold water, it looked like this after only 3 weeks:


(above) This was a pair days after I dyed my hair myself earlier in September. I bleached it first, then provided a mix of Splat dyes: Vibrant Blue, Blue Envy, Aqua Rush,Neon Environment-friendly (which I blended through some Aqua Rush to make it much less neon), and Purple Desire. I didn’t separate the lighter colors in foil, and so they appeared to acquire invaded by the blues and also it all ended up much more monochromatic than I had intended and also I looked a little bit Smurf-choose. It wasn’t till the different dyes started to fade at various rates over time that the variations in color came to be more apparent:


(pic above) This is the pic I posted now, taken around 7 months after the September dyeing. I’ve touched up the roots alengthy wright here I part my hair a few times throughout these 7 months, however otherwise haven’t messed through it. I actually quit worrying about the cold water around a month earlier because tbh it’s type of a pain and also I was feeling prepared to just let the shade fade so I could recarry out the entirety point, so I started simply washing my hair in comfortably heat shower water and also not worrying if the color faded faster. The Blue Envy and Purple Desire are still not fading a lot, though! The locations wbelow I supplied the greener dyes (Aqua Rush and also Neon Green) are currently virtually white (mirroring the bleached color underneath), yet I would certainly sort of mean that after 7 months! I think leaving the dye on for 6 hours and then washing hardly ever in cold water enabled the semi-long-term shade to last this long.

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Anyway, there’s some advice about making use of semi-irreversible hair shade, coming from the voice of endure. I setup to bleach it all aget sometime soon and also reexecute it from scratch: most likely most Blue Envy (considering that it lasts so well) via streaks of Neon Green, Aqua Rush, and also some Purple Desire mixed through conditioner to make it a lighter hue (otherwise it blends in through the Blue Envy also much). I number I can execute spot touch-ups of the greenish streaks as required.

Now I simply need to discover a whole day I have the right to set aside to spend on washing my hair, bleaching my hair, washing the bleach out of my hair, blow drying my hair thoaround, applying multiple colors of dye, sitting around in a shower cap for 6 hours, rinsing my hair forever, blow drying my hair so it doesn’t drip on my apparel and stain them, and then intensely scrubbing the tub and also shower. It’s a pain for a day, however if the shade is going to last 6 or 7 months, it’s worth it!