Specs for Reference

* If you’re playing the sandstorm through a gaming monster and does not care about any performance concerns, then skip ahead.

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I’ve been playing Sandstorm for weeks on a number of rigs, and then it concerned me that you could carry out something to make it better, without upgrading your computer systems, in a couple of measures. There is still no official device need provided on the store page at this time, but tright here is still my individual specs reference for you guys.

CPU – A quad-core processor will be preferable, such as Intel Core i5, is recommfinished.GPU – I play it with a nVidia GTX 1050 (2GB), which is fairly acceptable through a steady frame(50-70 with optimization)rate suffer. A equivalent level graphic processor is recommfinished.RAM – At least, a 4 GB DDR3 1333 MHz memory is important, yep, crucial, larger is better.

DISK Important

It’s strongly recommfinished that you need to install this game in a Solid State Driver (SSD).I previously ran Sandstorm in a Hard Disk (both 5400/7200 R) and also just to find it exceptionally intolerable, the game stutters almost all the way you play and the disk intake price maintains in 100%. Later I tried it with a SSD and whatever readjusted. It’s worth.

With the list over, I guess you’re all set for the Sandstorm.

Basic Optimization

1. Set admin access to Sandstorm

Browse local file by clicking on the game properties (Disable fulldisplay optimization can be functioning, your call)

2. Temporarily disable Windows Defender or various other anti-virus software

It’s different.


3. Turn off Windows Superfetch service

You deserve to leave it on as Superfetch helps a lot particularly when your Windows is running in a normal tough disk, and your RAM is 8 GB or greater. Anymeans, you have the right to attempt to decide.

In-game Basic Video Settings

While in game, go to Video and change the settings. Tright here are some tips that might help you.


Set Fullscreen modeTurn off Vertical Synchronization

*In a borderless fullscreen or windowed mod is more mechanism intake.


That doesn’t issue. You deserve to collection it any type of number.


Set all high.

Anti-Alisaing – FXAATexture QualityEffects QualityFoliage QualityShadow QualityPP Quality

*As I discussed before in the previous area, if you’re playing it with a GTX1050, you can just collection it all high in the Quality settings, or turn dvery own Shadow top quality to get a greater FPS (yet I tried before, high and also low perform not make a noticeable difference)

In-game Modern Video Settings

Scrolling down to Advanced settings gives more adjusecure alternatives for you, I will try to make eexceptionally term explained.Pay attention to term marked with*

*Frame Rate Smoopoint – ONEnable is recommended, to minimize the instability of framework rate.

*Frame limiter – 60/120 fpsEnabling this uses a solved FPS in game, you have the right to leave any number or turn it off, depending upon your graphic card(s). For GTX 1050 or a similar level rig, you deserve to just rotate it off. For GTX 1060 or better, collection 60 fps or 120 fps.

*Motion Blur – OFFPersonally, I leave it OFF in every game wbelow this option is accessible. Your alternative to store it or not. Low motion blur rises FPS

*Scope Quality – HIGHThis one is tricky, as I collection it high prior to moving it to a SSD, whenever before you’re zooming, the game stutters a few seconds, also you set it low.(1-3s). As such, if the game is set up in a SSD, leave it High, that’s OK.

DismembermentThat…is still your speak to. Whatever before I don’t discover any distinguiburned difference in between ON/OFF

*Ragdoll Count – LowSet it low for graphics reduced than GTX 1060.

Foliage Interactions – ONSame as dismemberment, this one does not issue.

*Super Sampling -OFF/x1.25Wow yeah it’s SS. Please leave it off, if you are not playing this game through a high-end rig. It consumes much video resources.

Ambient Occlusion – ONI leave it ON through my GTX1050. No substantial deal.

*Anistrophic Filtering – x8/x16I’m not especially staring at the textures, so x8 is adequate. Try to mitigate the multiplier if you enrespond to via structure price worries.

*Tessellation – OFFOFF for 1050 or reduced to alleviate video usperiods.

*Texture Streaming Pool Size – DefaultI have actually not yet tried this.

*Dynamic Shadow Resolution/Cascaded Shadow Map ResolutionSet the lowest res if the frame rate is also low for you. For GTX 1050 or reduced, 1024×1024 for both term is functioning well. Set highest possible res for GTX 1060 or better.

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Alteraboriginal – nVidia Control Panle/AMD Crimson Relive

In enhancement, you have the right to config even more with the tools offered by the graphic motorists. Both nVidia and AMD supplies their gaming customization app for you. For this, please describe the particular one you use.