This course consists of a tiny bit of everything via modeling, UVing, texturing and also dynamics in Maya, and compositing multilayered EXR"s in Photoshop.

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Hey males, i"m functioning on a beginner project via my mate, and my task is to make a pair of various trees.
So i"ve currently made the fundamental tree form, next i need to texture and also map it, however I do not really understand how i need to execute the leaves, have the right to anyone help me with this?

And the wirestructure...


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ofcourse i understand you deserve to make trees with paint fx, however I desire to make a unique tree. Actually i observed a tutorial explaining exactly how to perform it via pshort articles, yet at the end you essential a texture through an alpha channel to make it work, and I didn"t have actually any principle wbelow to obtain one.
exactly how to develop intriciate tree leaves in Maya... do not recognize if this will assist, haven"t regarded the video myself but the summary sounded useful:
Great resource: https://look have actually multiple file layouts, and you have the right to even search by climate, place, etc. Great for jobs where you require some indigenous vegetation.Also, in the paint impacts directory in the Maya application folders, tbelow are alpha-mapped leaf textures as well.
Hi guys, here is our repertoire of leaves that we desire to draw for colleges and educational projects. We will certainly draw 200 sets of leaves if the crowdresources project succeeds. For now, 22 sets with 66 illustrations of spring, summer and also autumn versions of leaves are done. They are all available under the Creative Commons License.
Thank you for the links, specifically the leaves component. I"ve started to use this program for several months, I am still brand-new to this process but I love it. I desire to develop a perfect tree while we are still on a partial quarantine, so I have actually the majority of complimentary time in my residential property in Greece

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