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I could not discover an acceptable King Tut or Pharaoh head piece for a costume. (Google them, they are terrible!) I obtained the idea exactly how to make this once I wrapped my wet hair in a towel. This is just how I made it:






Take your cloth and fold the finish under about 5 inches. Make certain the stripes are running up and dvery own.

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Bring the material dvery own to the edge of the front of the hat and also tuck it under an inch or so. Take your pins and pin this to the front component of the hat.

Put it earlier on your knee, now tuck in the sides as displayed. The stripes on the sides hanging dvery own will certainly be horizontal, while the stripes on the forehead part will certainly be vertical.

Pin the sides to the hat. Take your ruler and measure how long the sides are. You might desire to attempt it on a person to watch wright here the sides hang on the persons shoulders.

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Look at the photo you have actually. See how the sides are shaped? Draw that shape onto the cardboard and also cut it out. (These will certainly be inside the sides to organize its form.)

Align the straight edge of the cardboard through the fold on the side. Remember you had actually turned under 5 inches, so the part under the cardboard is actually a twin layer 5 inches wide. Pin the cardboard to the side of the material. Take your scissors and also cut out a space where the shoulder will go. Remember to leave fifty percent an inch roughly this cut out so you have a tiny seam allowance as soon as you sew it. Do this on the other side also.

Now unpin the cloth from the hat, and lay it inside out level on the floor, and also refold as presented. (It’s hard to tell, but this is inside out.)

Turn the sides appropriate side out. Slip the cardboard into the packets, (you might not need to.)