We are just however a couple of weeks amethod from the start of the 2020-21 NBA seakid.

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With opening night booked for Dec.22, fans are eager to watch the best stars ago on the hardwood floor faster than normally reserved.

Players are eagerly practicing and also training prior to the start of the seakid, per usual. One Portland also Trail Blazers guard Damian Lillard happily common exactly how easy it is for him to drain half-court shorts in a current video mutual by the Blazers.

The video actually caught the attention of Golden State Warriors" very own Steph Curry, who actually presented a fun obstacle for Lillard for the start of the season.

The two practically agreed upon, you guessed it, pulling up from halfcourt in a game this seachild early on in the shot clock.

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Even Lillard agreed that they must both execute it on opening night because why the heck not, right?

Honestly, I think everyone desires to check out this go down if we are all being honest through ourselves right here.

Not sure if this means the Blazers are playing the Warriors in their initially game, however if Dame and Steph both pulled from fifty percent court in the exact same game