If a non-Jew tries on a kippah, it normally drops off. This isn’t fair, yet let’s research the situations more carefully.

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When tourists visit the Jewish cemetery in Prague, all men are asked to wear a kippah. Those who take a trip kippah-free are requested to don a blue, sharply-creased, circular item of paper. The precarious kippah is inevitably subjected to the winds off the Vltava and also flutters ameans. Comparably, a non-Jewish guy attfinishing a synagogue ceremony such as a marital relationship or Bar Mitzvah, will certainly normally be requested to wear a kippah. Here, a stiff yet slippery fabricated satin kippah is ubiquitous. No guest stands a possibility.

What then is the secret to making a kippah continue to be on? It is disappointingly straightforward. Jews who commonly wear a kippah understand wbelow to put it on their head (the crown) and also tfinish to very own kippot which have been tried, tested and are a great fit. Should they opt for one of the smaller sized kippah sizes (as opposed to the head-encompassing “soup bowl” style) a hair clip might be used to fasten the fabric to any type of obtainable hair. This solution is not universally welcomed, yet, and the hair clip is rejected by staunch traditionalists. If the wearer chooses a suede kippah, bald heads happily have actually the benefit of a high coeffective of friction.

Should all else fail, the ultimate kippah key is double-sided fashion tape or a dot of one-sided velcro. Please note: stick the velcro to the kippah, not to your head.

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Michal Friedlander, Curator for Judaica and Applied Arts


“How does a kippah stay on?”; Jewish Museum Berlin, photo: Anina Falasca


Citation recommendation:

Michal Friedlander (2013), “How does a kippah continue to be on?”. Inquiry of the Month in the Context of the Exhibition “The Whole Truth”. URL: www.soimg.org/en/node/6229

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