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Worried around exactly how to pay for college? Afraid of drowning in a sea of student debt? Sure, Ben Kaplan as soon as felt that way too. But that was before he uncovered that there are billions of scholarship dollars out there for students through all forms of interests, skills, and backgrounds. After winning enough college cash to cover virtually the entire expense of his dream college, he"s written an indispensable overview that mirrors you how to stake your very own scholarship case.

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Now in this fully revised and also updated edition, Ben distills his prstove step-by-step game plan that positions you to win big money for college — regardmuch less of your age, GPA, financial instance, or family background. With humor and insight, he reveals insider secrets for effectively finding, using for, and also winning lucrative scholarship awards — empowering you via the information, incentive, and know-exactly how to afford the college of your alternative and also realize your educational dreams.

Special Note: As a valued reader of this book, you also obtain access to the Coach"s Locker Room at Ben Kaplan"s website. The Coach"s Locker Room gives a wide range of bonus material, updates to information consisted of in How to Go to College Althe majority of for Free, question and answer postings, and also various other valuable sources.


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Ben Kaarrangement won even more than 2 dozen scholarships — amassing practically $90,000 in unminimal college cash for use at any type of college. In 1999, he graduated from Harvard debt-free, via basically the entire price of his education covered by his scholarship winnings.In addition to composing The Scholarship Scouting Report, Kaarrangement is the writer of How to Go to College Almany for Free and also Scholarship Seeker’s Toolbox — the 3 publications forming an essential paying-for-college trilogy for students of all eras.

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Kasetup has actually likewise composed countless write-ups on winning scholarships, consisting of columns for The New York Times and UNITED STATE News & World Report, that have actually been syndicated in publications nationwide. He has actually been featured on numerous tv and radio programs, including appearances on Oprah, NBC, CBS, and National Public Radio.Known globally as "The Scholarship Coach," Kaarrangement has actually offered as the resident scholarship adviser at some of the Internet’s a lot of well-known scholarship search websites, and is the founder of, the leading digital scholarship advice portal.Kaarrangement currently resides in Portland, Oregon, and deserve to be contacted at Ben