Wood is among the many necessary items in the game for structure your CAMP, alongside crafting particular tools and also armors. Although it’s quite prevalent to come throughout items with lumber in them, tbelow is actually a much better method to farm timber that getting and breaking down particular items.

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That being sassist, I still want to provide you through the information on which items actually DO break down into a wood component. The items that you desire to watch out for while farming Wood in Fallout 76 are:

AccordiansAcoustic guitarsAutopsy Board GamesBall-Peen HammersBattered ClipboardsBlacksmith HammersBlast Radius Board GamesBleach DogwoodBowling PinsBroomsButterchurn SticksButterchurn TopsCatch the Commie Board GamesChessboardsCigar BOxesClegislation HammersClipboards (All types)Cutting BoardsDesktop Frames (ALL Types)DrumsticksFishing RodsGolf TeesHack SawsHammersHarmonicasHoesLumberjack Saws
Makechange BatteriesMasonry HammersMetal Beer SteinsMopsMouth HarpsPencilsToy CardsPaintbrushesPlungersPorcelain SetinsRacksRad Poker Boards GamesScrewdriversSnare DrumsSouvenir Toy CardsTack HammersToy Cars (All Types)Trifold Amerihave the right to FlagsUnstoppables! Board GameViolinVoilin BowsWood BucketsWooden Beer SteinsWooden BlocksWooden SkisWooden SpoonsYardsticks

As you can check out, basically eextremely area in Fallout 76 contains a TON of these items, at leastern a few of them, and also you’ll continuously be farming Wood without even discovering it. The point is, this day I’m not going to display you locations to obtain THOSE certain items, I’m going to present you 3 locations regarding which you have the right to farm literally all the hardwood you can ever before need in a issue of SECONDS.

First points first, you NEED to have the Perk Card “Woodchucker” (under Luck) on your construct. This perk card gives you a TON of additional lumber per harvest. That has acquiring timber from things choose trees, lumber piles, branches, and so on. 

Then just go to these three areas to uncover all the wood you’ll ever before need:

HelvetiaThe yellow tvery own house at the end of the street (there’s a T in the road, it’s the house on the left side) has actually a wood shed alongside it. This burned includes a TON of timber, simply waiting to be picked.

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Prickett’s FortThere’s two sheds here, one outside the camp and one inside, absolutely filresulted in the brim with fire wood stacks



Sylvie and also Sons Logging CampThis is literally just a camp FILLED via firelumber, prepared to be harvested.