Unlocking the MTAR-21 in Battlearea 4 is much easier than it looks as you glance at the demands, and also IMHO its worth the tasks compelled for the unlock. You can discover the Multi Talent Assignment in your BF4 Battlelog under Assignments, its the second to the last Silver Assignment.

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Here’s what you need to get the MTAR-21:

MULTI TALENT Reach rank 10 Play China Rising

Get a kill through a sniper rifle in a round Get a kill via an assault rifle in a round Get a kill through an LMG in a round Get a kill via a hand also grenade in a round

The most tough part is maintaining track of what you need to do. So write it down, or bring BattleLog up on your COMPUTER, Tablet or Smart Phone or whatever before helps you remember. There’s no require for you to acquire 3 of the 4 kills and also then not acquire the 4th bereason you can’t remember what it was. I determined to attempt this on Operation Locker, and also to be fairly frank, I obtained lucky via 2 of the 4 kills. I didn’t record the actual gameplay wbelow I unlocked the MTAR-21, the video below will show you the kills for this Assigment and its PDW reward, but that video was a test to see if I can obtain it as art of the accidental at an early stage release which turned out to be for the COMPUTER only. As a PS4 gamer, I didn’t get the MTAR-21 in the time of this accidental beforehand release, yet the kills you see will earn you the MTAR-21 now. With all that being shelp, ignore any type of information around unlocking this weapon besides the actual kills that are compelled.

To carry out the unlock in the most frustration-free way I think I’d try a Conpursuit Large game on Operation Locker. Try any kind of map you favor, Operaton Locker is just a suggestion. Also, to be sure you gain a full round of Operation Locker you can want to go into your Server Browser and search for a game on Golmud Railmethod because Operation Locker is after that in the default BF4 Server Map Rotation Cycle.

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I’d start via the Sniper Rifle kill first, that way you don’t gain the other 3 kills and gain stuck on the last one. As far as grenade kills you have the right to go via whichever grenade you are comfortable via however, I usage the V40 Mini because I get 3 of them.

Youtube Video: Unlock MTAR-21

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