Welconcerned "Hair Mixology," an continuous series wbelow we share insider tips from barbers and stylists on mixing hair assets to get the appropriate style.

The Issue: Getting wavy hair to straighten up

The Barber: Rob McMillen

Wbelow to Find Him: Blind Barber, New York City

The Hair Type: Naturally wavy

The Combo: Blind Barber 90 Proof Pomade ($18 for 1.7 oz., blindbarber.com) + Sachajuan hairspray ($28 for 10 oz., woodleyandbunny.com)

The Outcome: A straighter — however not overdone — look (read: clean, not crusty)

The How and Why: "Apply a nickel-sized amount of the 90 Proof Pomade to your hair when it"s around 50% towel dried. Start at the root and work-related external to make sure it"s spread evenly. You deserve to use your fingers or a large-tooth comb to make your hair lay level Once that"s done, spray a light touch of the hairspray on peak to lock in the shape."

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