Loot boxes in Overwatch are the main method to unlock brand-new items, emotes, sprays, and even more. Of coures, the easiest means to obtain a high-tier item is to unlock a Legendary loot box. While these deserve to be purchased via the keep, they’re also given away during the game’s anniversary events. Here’s how to gain a Legendary loot box in Overwatch.

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Overwatch | How to obtain a Legendary loot box


Legendary loot boxes deserve to be purchased with the in-game save, yet you’d probably quite save your money. Fortunately, the developers give out free Legendary loot boxes during special events, particularly Overwatch Anniversary events. To gain one, you just should log in to the game while the event is active.

The first time this taken place was back in 2018, wright here players obtained a cost-free Golden loot box. Each of these boxes had a guaranteed event Legendary. Because then, the team at Blizzard has offered one complimentary loot box in the time of each of the game’s anniversary periods.

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Each anniversary is typically held at the end of May extending with the start of June. All you have to execute to case the free loot box is log in.

It’s time to celebrate!