This overview will certainly display you how to get Legendary Marks in Destiny: The Taken King. We’ll walk you through what Legendary Marks are, wbelow to earn Legendary Marks rapid and also what you deserve to carry out with them.

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We’ll additionally cover some prevalent inquiries and common Legendary Marks troubles. If you are in despeprice need of earning them fast, we’ll even display you what you need to know about Legendary Marks farming in Destiny: The Taken King.

Here’s what you must recognize to get Legendary Marks in Destiny, and also exactly how to gain them much faster.

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Learn just how to get Legendary Marks rapid in Destiny: The Taken King.

What Are Legendary Marks?

Legendary Marks are a brand-new form of money in Destiny. You should have actually Destiny: The Taken King to obtain them.

Unprefer some previously in-game money, Legendary Marks are connected to your account, not to an individual character. This indicates you can share the currency between all your characters in Destiny, no issue which one earns them.

Players can use Legendary Marks to buy weapons, armor and also sources in Destiny: The Taken King from the Vanguard, Crucible and also Factivity merchants. This money does not recollection each week.

How to Get Legendary Marks

This portion will display you exactly how to get Legendary Marks in Destiny: The Taken King. Before you start trying to earn them you should reach Level 40. If you complete these tasks and you are not level 40 you will not gain any kind of. Go level up rapid and then come back to earn this new currency.

Bungie outlines 6 means to get Legendary Marks in Destiny: The Taken King. Tbelow are some boundaries to the exactly how a lot you deserve to earn in a day or a week.

Completing the Daily Featured Story mission once per account per day – 15 Legendary MarksCompleting a enhance in the Daily Featured Crucible Playlist once per account per day – 15 Legendary MarksCompleting a Strike in the Heroic Strikes Playlist as much as 3 times per account per week – 10 Legendary MarksWinning a complement in the Weekly Featured Crucible Playlist as much as 3 times per account per week – 10 Legendary MarksDismantling Year 2 Legendary weapons or armor –  – 3-5 Legendary MarksSome Quests will certainly reward players through Legendary Marks, however just on initially completion. – Varies

The Daily difficulties are attached to your account, so you cannot play through through a character aobtain to play via again and also earn them a 2nd time. You deserve to yet perform this via Weekly Heroic Strikes.

While you cannot Farm Legendary Marks like you can farm Legendary Engrams back in the day, if you focus on the difficulties you have the right to acquire the currency quick in Destiny the Taken King.

Legendary Marks Problems and also Limits

Tbelow are some Legendary Marks troubles that individuals run into while playing Destiny: The Taken King.

We’ve checked out some issues wbelow completing a particular Daily Heroic did not deliver Legendary Marks to players as meant.

We're conscious players are not receiving Legendary Marks once completing today's Daily Heroic Story Mission. We are investigating this issue.

— Bungie Help (
BungieHelp) November 9, 2015

In situations like this the developer will certainly frequently figure out a fix easily and might be able to retroproactively deliver the earned currency to players.

If you complete a mission and also you don’t gain marks, you may be under level 40, which implies you cannot earn or save them. Level up and try aacquire.

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Anvarious other potential trouble is not getting them as soon as you are over level 40 and complete a difficulty. In some cases this is because you already have actually 200 Legendary Marks. This is the existing cap, and you cannot hold even more than that. Any marks you would otherwise earn are sindicate not reextended once you have 200 in your account.