To start heat up the dented spot making use of a continuous hair dryer till it"s warm to touch

Tip 2: Rub Dry Ice On The Dent

Then take a small amount of dry ice and also rub down the dent with the dry ice.Make certain you use something to protect yourself from the dry ice as it is so cold that it can burn your skin

Tip 3: Repeat Multiple Times

The bigger the dent the more times you will need to repeat this procedure.

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Step 4: Help The Dent Out With Some Force

The dent might call for some pushing and some force in order to gain it to pop out.

Does This Technique Always Work?

Below you have the right to watch an additional video of a different person trying to settle the dent in their Hydro Flask making use of the very same approach. Unfortunately they are unable to get this strategy to job-related at all.I"m uncertain if this is because of wright here the dent is situated (best close to the peak as the flask bends) or why it doesn"t work-related for them.
I additionally found this write-up on Reddit wbelow someone tried the trick and while it didn"t work perfectly it did assist a bit:

Do Hydro Flasks dent conveniently or are they impenetrable to blemishes?It transforms out that Hydro Flasks are actually pretty straightforward to dent via eexceptionally day use.Usual occurrences prefer dropping your Hydro Flask, sitting on it or bumping it hard into somepoint will certainly likely be enough to dent it.Tbelow have been reports of people sitting on their Hydro Flask and also it denting, or them dropping it and it denting, or friends denting it on function.So while it takes a little of force and also they are strong enough that you can"t really dent them via regular usage, Hydro Flasks will certainly gain dented through strong forces prefer being dropped or hit.

How To Sheight Your Hydro Flask Getting Dented

If you want to speak your Hydro Flask from obtaining dented in the first location then taking great treatment of it is a must.But here are some ways to add additional protection to your Hydro Flask bottle so it doesn"t obtain dented:

Hydro Flask Boot


You deserve to gain a Flexible boot that slips onto the bottom of your Hydro Flask and helps protect it from dings and also dents.The boot is made from a sturdy silicone and can be purchased in a range of various colors enabling you to customize your bottle also even more.See the latest price of Hydro Flask Boots at Amazon

Hydro Flask Cover/Sling

Hydro Flask sell a bottle sling that both protects your Hydro Flask from gaining dented however likewise renders it straightforward to bring.The sling has actually a protective pouch to put your bottle in plus an adjusecure shoulder strap for easy hands cost-free carryingSee the latest price of Hydro Flask Slings at Amazon

Other Brand Hydro Flask Slings

I newly witnessed the below Twitter article wbelow someone shows off their JugLug sling and I absolutely love this one. It completely covers the bottle so it won"t gain scratched and is less likely to get dented. Plus it might even assist to store drinks colder longer in your Hydro Flask.
seandokko The just means I ever before go all over via my Hydro flask and also it"s with jug life 64 sleeve https://t.co/0b2mp4cKyv
1:42 PM · Nov 24, 2015
Tright here are a totality bunch of other brands out tbelow that make cooler and also protective Hydro Flask slings:See the range of Hydro Flask Slings at Amazon

Other Tips To Keep Your Hydro Flask From Getting Dented

Keep it on the inside of your bag, not hanging out the external wright here it deserve to even more quickly bash against thingsPlaced your Hydro Flask up against soft items in your bag like apparel fairly than tough items that might push on it.Put your Hydro Flask at the peak of your bag not the bottom so less things press on itDon"t throw your Hydro Flask aroundPlace it down gently on the ground

Does Hydro Flask Warranty Cover Dents?

The Hydro Flask life time warranty does NOT cover dents that occur from wear and tear. It does however cover dents that occur through manufacturing defects or dents that occur throughout the shipping procedure.On their UK warranty page they state:“Although our lifetime warranty does not cover plain wear and tear, including dents, scratches, powder coat chips from the flask being dropped, damaged, and so on, it does cover manufacturing defects.”So if you take place to dent your Hydro Flask yourself with dropping it, hitting it or some other indicates and it isn"t the fault of the manufacturer then you are liable for it and also Hydro Flask won"t replace that bottle complimentary of charge. Which I personally think is fair.Their warranty does cover:Broken or leaking capsFlasks that seem to have actually lost their insulating propertiesFlasks that are damaged throughout the shipping processRattling flasks

Do Dents Affect Hydro Flask"s Ability to Keep Drinks Cold or Hot?

Dents deserve to perhaps affect your Hydro Flask bottle"s ability to keep drinks hot and also cold, however this counts on whether or not the vacuum seal has actually been endangered.Hydro Flask bottles save drinks cold or warm bereason they have actually a dual wall with a vacuum inin between. It is the vacuum that does the majority of the insulating.It is very feasible for you to dent your Hydro Flask, occasionally even significantly, and also for this to no deteriorate the vacuum seal. If this happens your Hydro Flask bottle must still insulate simply also.However, if the dent comassures the vacuum seal and also the location between the inner and outer wall fills up through air then your Hydro Flask WILL shed it"s insulating ability.Also, if the dent reasons the outer and inner wall to now touch (also if the vacuum seal is still in place) at this point wright here the 2 walls touch your insulation will certainly be endangered as warm can openly move via the steel.

Does A Dent Make Your Hydro Flask Soptimal Working?

No, a dent does not make your Hydro Flask soptimal functioning unless the vacuum seal is endangered and the compartment between the inner and also external wall fills up with air, or if the inner and also outer wall surfaces are poignant.If either of those things haven"t occurred then your bottle will certainly continue to job-related and will proceed to save drinks cold for 24+ hrs and hot for 12+ hours.
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