In what could be a huge heart-break for countless Vine individuals, Twitter made a decision to shut dvery own “Vine” – the short-create video hosting business on which we all loved sharing six-second-lengthy, looping video clips – in 2017. This decision has left customers with a moot question – just how to downpack Vine videos on iPhone, iPad, and computer?

“The end is nigh for Vine, as the renowned short-video sharing application owned by Twitter will officially become Vine Camera on Tuesday. Twitter announced 3 months earlier that it would certainly shutter Vine, though it shelp last month that the company would certainly transition to Vine Camera,” Fortune (January 17, 2017).

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The company additionally announced that the service’s website,, will no longer host brand-new videos and also will certainly rather serve as an archive for searching old video clips.

Later Vine was transformed right into Vine Camera, a different application permitted customers to produce 6.5-second looping videos that they deserve to either save or post to Twitter. The application was obtainable for both iOS and Android. However before, this application is additionally gone now. But still, I have actually discovered a way to downpack Vine videos.

Steps to Downfill Vine Videos

Currently, despite Vine being shut dvery own, the videos have actually been archived, and you have the right to still check out them. You might even download it! Here is how.

Things Needed:

Your Vine username (or username of the perboy whose video you wish to download)A laptop or computer

Step #1. Go to and also create your username at the finish of the URL.

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