He’s loyal, supportive and also loves me, but I frequently feel bored, unchallenged and also dissatisfied in his company. Should I leave him and also attempt to find someone else to have actually the family members life I’d like?

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Is being bored by your partner simply a part of being in a irreversible relationship? Photograph: Getty Images/Brand also X
Is being bored by your companion just a component of being in a long-term relationship? Photograph: Getty Images/Brand X

I’m 28 and don’t know whether to leave my boyfriend of four years. He is loyal, supportive and loves me. However, he is emotionally insensitive (with obliviousness quite than malice) and I regularly feel bored, untested and dissatisfied in his firm. He resides via his parental fees while I have actually my own location. He can’t relate to the tension I’m under at occupational and also is unable to comfort me once I’m upset. I “dampen down” my personality when I’m with him, and feel ashamed that I regularly have even more fun via friends and also colleagues. I don’t understand if I must leave him and fulfill someone else to have actually the household life I’d prefer. Are these frustrations just a normal component of being in a irreversible relationship? Would I be a fool to abandon a great, loving man?

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