Either method, you have to follow a few measures before you have the right to discover a Discord account’s age.

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On social media platforms prefer Instagram, you can quickly find out when you made your account.

Instagram has actually an “Access data” feature wbelow you deserve to access your account’s information.

This contains the day that you’ve joined Instagram, password alters, former usernames, and more.

However before, Discord does not have actually the “Access data” feature, so you’ll have to usage another technique.

In this overview, you’ll learn how to inspect when a Discord account was made or once you joined Discord.

How to examine as soon as a Discord account was made

To inspect once a Discord account was made, you must disable streamer mode and also allow developer mode.

After you’ve enabled developer mode, copy the user’s ID, and look it up on discord.id.

The discord.id website permits you to acquire a user’s indevelopment.

This has their user ID, username, badges, and also when their account was developed.

This information is advantageous if you desire to understand once the user joined Discord or if the account is a bot.

To look up a user, you have to copy their user ID on Discord first.

Before you can copy a user’s ID on Discord, you need to enable developer mode.

You can enable developer mode by navigating to your settings and clicking “Advanced”.

In the “Advanced” settings, you’ll be able to turn on developer mode.

Once developer mode is turned on, you deserve to copy a user’s ID by right-clicking their profile picture and clicking “Copy ID”.

Here is just how to inspect as soon as a Discord account was made:


After you’ve clicked on the equipment icon, you’ll land also on the “My Account” page.

On the left sidebar, you’ll check out multiple alternatives.

This consists of “My Account”, “User Profile”, “Privacy & Safety”, and also even more.

Scroll down the sidebar till you reach the “App Settings” header.

Under the “App Settings” header, you’ll watch a “Streamer Mode” option.

Click on “Streamer Mode” to go to your steamer mode settings.

Next off, disable streamer mode by clicking on the switch next to “Enable Streamer Mode”.

If streamer mode is already disabled, you deserve to skip this action.

3. Enable developer mode


Now that you’ve allowed developer mode, you’ll be able to copy a user’s ID.

Firstly, you require to navigate to where the user is situated.

For instance, if the user is on a server, you should navigate to the server’s list.

Then, scroll dvery own until you uncover the user.

Once you’ve uncovered the user, right-click their profile photo.

If the user sent out a message on a server, you deserve to also copy their user ID by right-clicking their profile picture in the chat.

However before, you need to prevent right-clicking the message.

If you right-click a user’s message, you’ll copy their message ID rather of their user ID.

After you’ve right-clicked the user’s profile picture, the context food selection will certainly open.

On the conmessage food selection, click “Copy ID” to copy the user’s ID.

5. Look up the user’s ID on discord.id


After you’ve duplicated the user’s ID, you should look it up on a third-party website.

Firstly, go to the Discord Lookup webwebsite by clicking on this link: https://discord.id/.

The webwebsite permits you to obtain a user’s indevelopment from their Discord user ID.

This includes “User ID”, “Username”, “Badges”, and “Created”.

Firstly, paste the user’s ID in the “User ID / Any ID” area.

Next, click on “Lookup” and also complete the Captcha to prove that you’re human.

After you’ve completed the Captcha, you’ll watch the user’s information.

To recognize as soon as the user joined Discord, look at the “Created” indevelopment.

For instance, if the user made their Discord account on 14 Jun 2017, here’s what the “Created” information will certainly say, “Created: Wed, 14 Jun 2017 08:59:34 UTC”.

If the account is a bot, it will certainly have actually a showed bot badge.

You’ve effectively learned exactly how to inspect once a Discord account was made!


Finding out as soon as a Discord account is made is vital because of a pair of factors.

Firstly, you’ll have the ability to recognize whether the account is a bot.

Secondly, you’ll know whether the perchild is pretending to be someone.

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Social media platforms like Instagram contain a lot of imposters.

If a user freshly produced an account, you can easily tell that they are not legitimate.