Redbox is a US-based video organization agency that supplies DVD, Blu-ray and also 4K UHD disks for rent through automated retail kiosks. In 2017, the company released Redbox On Demand also, a pay-as-you-go virtual streaming organization that doesn’t require membership.

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How to cancel a Redbox reservation

Redbox says that you have the right to cancel your reservation, however just if it’s within the rental period and you haven’t yet picked it up. 

Can you cancel with

Yes / No








Company kind of website


Cancel your Redbox reservation using the phone

You could have the ability to obtain a cancelation of your reservation if you call Redbox’s Care team at 866-733-2693.

Cancel your Redbox reservation using the firm website

Reach out to the Redbox team through the firm webwebsite on this link. deserve to cancel your Redbox reservation for you


If you don’t want to waste your time waiting in phone queues, your safest bet is to cancel your Redbox reservation through the application. Here’s what you should do:

Select Find Hidden MoneyType in “Redbox”

What are the ideal choices to Redbox?

We are living in the hay day of virtual video streaming solutions. When it involves quality content and good user endure, these three companies are taken into consideration the cream of the crop:




Plans start at $8.99 a monthWide range of diverse and high-quality contentMany extensively availableBest original content


Plans begin at $5.99 a monthBest interchallenge and also all at once user experience Live TV as a secondary feature

Amazon Prime Video

Plans start at $8.99 a monthThe best volume of content availableAbility to purchase particular content without committing to a subscription

What Redbox rental charges appear as on your bank statement

Your Redbox rental fees as they show up in your bank account statements have the right to look somepoint favor this:


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