By kate on August sixth, 2010

The various other day, I finished up at an outlet mall via my keys locked in my vehicle, a 1992 Honda Civic, and also required a cheap way to obtain earlier into my car. Here’s the simple approach I discovered.

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Before I go any type of further, let me simply say please don’t use this approach on someone’s vehicle without their permission. In addition, it’s a last-ditch method, because it have the right to damages your car’s weatherstripping. However, if you’re a Honda Civic owner favor me and also should get right into your automobile, feel free to offer this a shot.

Because I was at an outlet mall, my first believed was that wire hangers would certainly be straightforward to come by. As I walked roughly the stores, though, I observed that all their hangers were the plastic sort. I was about to offer up on this strategy when I walked past a kitchen save. I assumed that tbelow MUST be somepoint in a kitchen keep I can usage, and also lo and also behold, I was right.

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For the low price of $2.49, I was the brand-new owner of 4 metal barbecue skewers, among which I provided for my own functions. I used the metal on a trash deserve to to bfinish the skewer into a hook form favor this:


After a couple of false starts, here’s the approach that operated. I slipped the skewer into the side of the window (either front passenger or driver’s side will certainly work).


I maneuvered the skewer previous two weatherstripping obstacles, and also then the hook was inside the car!


After that, it was sensibly basic to use the hook to pull up the door lock. In instance you don’t think me, here’s a video clip of the entirety process, which took a tiny even more than 30 seconds:

Once I was conscious of it, I noticed that my Civic appears to have fairly a background of this enattempt method:


This was a solid reminder to me that I need to never leave valuables in my auto. If you own a ’90s Civic, the exact same applies to you!

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