Your connection via your dealer is one worth nurturing: He’s the last man you desire to piss off, and also yet you don’t specifically want to be friends. Finding the ideal balance between excellent times and organization deserve to encertain a bideal, hazy future for you and your friends. So here’s a handy guide for just how to accordingly connect through your dealer. Happy 4/20!



First Contact

Your frifinish was kind sufficient to share his contact via you. This is a gift—a priceless, precious gift, especially if it’s distribution. Don't screw this up and damage his or her good belief. The first time you call your brand-new dealer is a magical (and risky) moment. Here are a few things you have to always save in mind.

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**1) "What is your dealer’s desired mode of communication?" **

It's a straightforward question that you need to ask prior to making any type of moves. Text? Voice message? Facetime? Snapchat? Smoke signals?

**2) ****Who you gained your call from. **

Regardmuch less of your strategy state who referred you off the bat.

3)** Dealers are civilization too. **

So be polite. Say your pleases and thank yous. Your mom was on-allude with that one. Oh, and also don’t _weigh _the weed in front of your male while he’s tright here. That’s simply rude. If it looks sketchy, just send your dealer on his merry method.


The Goods

Weed is the brand-new wine. There are a million ranges from a million locales. Do you know what calys are? Because you will shortly as weed connoisseurship proceeds to explode throughout the United States. So don’t be shy to ask about what’s obtainable. Weed, despite being literally a weed, is sort of prefer produce—we all desire watermelon all year long, yet that’s just not going to happen. You’re not going to obtain that big-name, award-winning strain all the moment. Your alternatives will commonly vary by geography. So will certainly prices. Sometimes your dealer will certainly outbest BS you. And that’s OK. When determining the ‘quality’ of product you could be acquiring, just think DAMN. You desire dense, aromatic, moist (but not wet) nuggs.



Whatever you carry out, have actually money prepared to go–no one desires to go on a group scavenger for an ATM.

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Amounts to know:

_ Dime_ = 1 gram ($10)

_ Eighth _= 3.5 grams ($50-$75)

_ Quarter_ = 7 grams ($75-$120)

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